Top 5 advantages of serviced offices

Serviced offices, also known as managed offices, have a lot of advantages when compared to the average office which doesn’t come under this bracket.

While they tend to have slightly higher rates than renting an empty office in ‘normal’ premises, the benefits that you will get far outweigh the costs – especially when you find a deal which puts the rate difference out of the equation. Here are the top five advantages you can enjoy with a serviced office.

1. More flexibility

Serviced offices tend to have shorter lease terms, which is great news for start-ups and anyone who is expecting growth. It means that you can change your mind sooner, and create a new contract with your provider instead. If you want to move to a bigger space, you can usually do so within the same premises, so you don’t have to change your business address. You can also add or remove extra space at will, whenever your contract is up for change again – and that will come around much more often than with a traditional office rental.

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2. More services

When you rent an office, normally you can expect to furnish it yourself, set up the phone and internet connections yourself, set up the heating and water bills yourself, and generally just do everything to get it set up – which means downtime for your company and more work for you.

With a serviced office, however, you will find that things are much easier. The phone and internet connections as well as all bills will be set up for you by the company that owns the space, and they will be able to provide furniture for you as well. If you have your own, they will even help you to move it in. As soon as your lease starts, the space will be ready to go – and you may have access to more services too, such as on-site refreshments or entertainment.

3. More neighbours

A serviced office can be thought of a bit like a co-working space used by start-ups. There are lots of businesses all within the same building, so everyone has the chance to collaborate and work together, creating connections and networking. Moreover, the customers of one business can easily find their neighbours and become customers of them, too.

The big difference between a co-working space and a serviced office is that everything is more professional. You get your own office space, you are set up amongst other ‘real’ and established businesses, and you may even share the building with big names that would normally be seen on the high street. This can do wonders for your exposure and your connections.

4. More maintenance

A serviced office means that you get the building cleaned and maintained as part of your package. This includes the grounds as well, and car parking facilities. You know that everything will be taken care of, you don’t have to worry about paying extra for it, and you only need to focus on your own space – so there’s a lot less hassle involved.

5. More security

A serviced office will also have 24/7 security services. This means that you, your staff, your equipment, and your goods will always be safe. What more could you want than that? It also gives customers peace of mind if they come to visit you, as they know their car will be parked safely and there’s nothing to fear inside.

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