Tips for relocating your office in 2018

If you want to move your office in 2018, there’s still time. In fact, the end of the year might be the best possible time to do it. Here’s why – along with some other essential tips you need to know ahead of making the big decisions.

Use your downtime

It’s really important that relocating your office doesn’t disrupt your business too much. You don’t want to lose money during the move, and if you have to, you want to minimise that as much as possible. If your office is going to be closed for the day, then think about relocating at a time when you traditionally don’t see much work being done. This could easily be towards the end of the year – staff are already thinking about the Christmas break, managers might be heading out early, and before you know it, everyone has downed tools to gather around a generously-donated Christmas pudding. Close and relocate now, knowing that you won’t have lost much during the downtime anyway.

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Choose carefully

It’s not practical to move office too often, so before you make a decision, spend some time to really know that it is the right one. Ensure that you are getting a good deal on the office space, that you are going to be in a location that your staff and visitors can access easily, and that you will have all of the things your office needs such as enough room, internet connectivity, and so on. Look for extras, too – perhaps you might be able to take advantage of nearby amenities if you choose a certain office space. Find a place that you feel your business will be comfortable in for at least a couple of years. It’s a bonus if there is room to expand the space later.

Plan ahead

Make sure that your customers, or anyone who needs to visit you, is informed of the change far in advance. Be clear about your moving date and your new location. Get your address changed on your website as soon as possible, and be aware that you might end up with a little slump in search engine results while Google finds you again. Be sure to also change your location on Google Maps as soon as possible, as this change can take a while to go through.

Consider more changes

Is it time to change your office furniture? Would you benefit from putting old files and equipment into storage, or getting rid of them entirely, and then renting a smaller office space as a result? Could you do with an upgrade in other areas? As you are going to be going through some changes and spending money anyway, you might as well see if you can improve things in other areas of your office as well. After all, is it really worth moving an uncomfortable, old office chair with broken arms all the way to a new location?

Plan your layout

Before you are ready for the move, make sure to create a floor plan of where everything is going to fit. If you just have people unloading the office furniture with no idea of where to put it, you will have chaos. You might get half the room done, or even almost all of it, only to discover that things don’t all fit in this configuration and you have to start over again. This can be avoided with a bit of pacing around with a tape measure, a pencil and paper, and a ruler.

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