Tenant Case Study: Netstable

When we look at our list of tenants at Adelphi Mill, we can’t help but be proud of the diverse range of British and international businesses that we have within our building. One of the tenants which you may have heard of before is Netstable, particularly since they supply their services to many of the other tenants around them. Here’s a little more about this thriving business.

Who they are

Netstable is powered by Gumpo, and they were set up to provide business broadband in Macclesfield. They saw that there was a problem in the fact that businesses in the area were only able to get low-speed broadband, and also had to put up with paying big prices. Seeing a gap in the market, they decided to step in – and though they currently service only a specific area, they have big plans to carry on with their expansion soon.

What they do

Netstable provide business broadband in several areas, the main two being Adelphi Mill and Clarence Mill. Because they are based inside Adelphi Mill, fellow tenants here may also be able to get a preferential rate for their broadband services – so if you are considering renting an office space with us, this is all the more reason to do so! They will also soon be expanding to Waters Green House, Brunswick Mill, and Sunderland House. They provide business broadband, which means there is less traffic on it as well as better optimisation, so you can enjoy faster browsing speeds. They also provide static IP addresses and can offer preferential rates for a VOIP connection and call forwarding.

If you’re interested in using their broadband services in Bollington or Macclesfield, be sure to get in touch via their website or in person at Adelphi Mill!

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