Tenant case study: Lissom & Muster 

While we often say that we have a wide range of tenants at Adelphi Mill, sometimes it can still be surprising to see just how diverse they are. Lissom + Muster are the tenants we are featuring today, and they are a really interesting company who are sure to appeal to a lot of customers.

Who they are

There are four strands to the Lissom + Muster company. They have a design studio where they create clothing; their offices, where they market and handle the business side of sales; their warehouse, where they stock all of their designed clothing as well as items from other brands; and their showroom, where they display items for sale. The great news is that all four of these strands are inside Adelphi Mill, where they moved after deciding to amalgamate their services into a larger space.

They are both a design house and a curated shop selling items from other brands, all handpicked to mesh well with their design aesthetic. They focus on a contemporary style and like to ensure that everything they sell has the highest level of craftsmanship.

They like to use modernist principles when designing clothes, which means that each item is intended to be useful to as many types of people as possible as well as having a timeless style. They also believe strongly in quality materials and construction.

What they sell

They do make their own clothing, but they also stock some other labels as well. They have a wide range of choices on offer depending on when you visit, but some of the iconic labels that they usually have in stock include Mourne Textiles, John Smedley, Sunspel, Drake’s, and Alfred Sargent.

They also sell newer brands such as Cherchbi, Smyth & Gibson, and Alice Made This.

Their own label is made in the UK and Europe, after being designed in-house. They use well-established factories and workrooms to ensure high quality production.

How to buy

If you are interested in shopping Lissom + Muster, you can easily find them online at their website as well as visiting them in person. They like to take visitors by appointment, so make sure that you book ahead before you come down and see them. They will be able to discuss fittings and sales with you and even custom garments.

There are a wealth of great brands in Adelphi Mill. This is just one of the impressive examples that we love to share with you!

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