Tenant case study: Home To Sew

As well as selling products, many of our tenants offer great services that can help you in all kinds of ways. Home to Sew is unique in that it offers customers the chance to improve their skills in a very specific area: making soft furnishings to a professional standard. Here’s everything you need to know about this Adelphi Mill business.

Who they are

Home to Sew is run by Sarah, who previously had her own soft furnishings business with a focus on her own handmade items. She would measure, design, make, and fit the items. She started to run classes on curtain and blind making on the side, and these became so popular that she decided to refocus her business on teaching others how to make their own items.

Sarah has 10 years of experience in the soft furnishings business and knows how to make bespoke items for any home. She also has great contacts with suppliers and knows everything about working in the soft furnishings industry.

What they do

Sarah teaches a number of courses which allow you to explore new skills in the soft furnishings sector. These will help you to make your own bespoke products, saving money because you won’t have to buy them from a shop – and also giving you a great sense of pride in your home.

Courses are taught in very small groups so that everyone can get a lot of individual support, and the environment is relaxed so you can take in as much information as possible. After the course ends, you will also receive two weeks of follow-up support to make sure that you don’t forget or lose any of the skills that you have gained.

You can also opt for one-to-one tuition if you need specialised help, or if you feel that you require a guiding hand in particular.

The courses include roman blind making, curtain making, learning to use a sewing machine, making cushions, and starting your own business in the soft furnishings sector.

How to buy

Make sure that you book into a course in advance – Sarah does not run courses every single day and places are limited, so you will want to get in quick. You can do this via her website or call her up to discuss your requirements.

Making your own soft furnishings is a valuable skill. At Adelphi Mill you can learn all you need to get started on your own, with experience that will set you up for great things.

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