Tenant Case Study: Aerofoil Energy Limited

At Adelphi Mill, we have a large range of tenants who take up residence in our office and warehouse spaces. It’s great to see the diversity of industries that they cover, and Aerofoil Energy Limited are a great example of this. They have taken up residence in Suite F2.1 on the 1st Floor of the main Adelphi Mill building, so let’s find out a little bit more about who they are and what they do.

Who they are

This award-winning British tech start-up is partnered with Williams Advanced Engineering to provide top quality work. They’re very passionate about energy and sustainability, and their main concern is to tackle one of the UK’s biggest energy problems. Around 4% of all the energy used in the UK actually goes towards powering refrigerated units, believe it or not! 60% of that is wasted because it is simply used to cool the air which then disappears into the supermarket aisle due to the current design of refrigeration units. Paul McAndrew came up with the idea of using Aerofoils to save energy in 2013, and since then, the business has grown to a real force in UK energy.

What they do

Aerofoil Energy’s tagline is, “the alternative solution to multideck glass doors”. They add Aerofoils inside refrigeration units, of the sort that are used by supermarkets and shops all across the UK. These new and improved units waste a lot less energy and are far more efficient at cooling the contents of the refrigerator down. They even make the supermarket aisles warmer, which is great for cold shoppers!

If you’re interested in the technology that they supply, make sure to get in touch with them via their website – or just come on down to Adelphi Mill for a visit!


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