Rented offices Nearby Pott Shrigley

Office Space to Rent & Let in Pott Shrigley

Adelphi Mill is a provider of office space near to Pott Shrigley. Offering spaces to let which can accommodate anyone from sole traders up to international corporations looking to create a new branch office, it’s a great choice for any business. Whether you want to hire an office space or a rent a warehouse, it’s all possible at Adelphi Mill in Macclesfield.

Why choose office space near Pott Shrigley?

One of the reasons to choose an office spare near Pott Shrigley is that it is ideally situated for businesses in a logistical sense. Pott Shrigley might only be a small settlement of under 300 residents, but it’s also very close to nearby business centres which are much larger. By choosing to go in this direction, you get all of the benefits of the business links without having to pay city centre prices.

Click here to view available office space near Pott Shrigley

Click here to view available office space near Pott Shrigley

It’s also a green area filled with pretty locations and historic buildings – one of which is Adelphi Mill itself, a former cotton mill with an interesting story. It also has views of rolling countryside and the Macclesfield Canal, whilst still being near to main roads, a train station, and even not too far from Manchester Airport.

As for Pott Shrigley itself, it has a lot to offer. Shrigley Hall is a Grade II listed building which was a private residence for almost 500 years, before being bought and turned into a missionary college in 1926. By 1989 it had been transformed into a luxury country club, including a golf course and restaurant – and a thriving leisure centre.

Offices near Pott Shrigley to let

Should you wish to find office space near Pott Shrigley, within an easy commuting distance, then Adelphi Mill is the best choice around. The office spaces available to let at the mill include lots of great benefits, such as free parking, security services around the clock, and the ability to come and go as you please. There’s also access to a large number of businesses who are your fellow tenants, and who may provide services that can really help you to grow – not to mention enjoy your day.

With great views, a friendly atmosphere driven by community, and a great location for business links, there’s not much better you can do than these offices in Macclesfield.

It’s obvious that a lot of other businesses are taking the area seriously, with big corporations such as the BBC moving from London to Manchester and other nearby locations. The centre of the UK’s economy is slowly moving further North, and you’ll be ideally situated to take advantage of that as it continues to grow.

Pott Shrigley office space conclusion

It’s available at a good price, it has great transport and business community links, and it’s ideally situated for both you and your customers. Not to mention the great facilities available at Adelphi Mill right where you need them. What’s stopping you from renting office space near Pott Shrigley today?

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