Palcan tenant case study

Palcan are another of our fantastic tenants here at Adelphi Mill, and they are an interesting variation on the other businesses inside our building. With green power at heart, they are a fuel company from Vancouver who happen to have an office with us as well as in locations all around the world.

Who they are

Palcan has been around since 1998, when it was formed in Canada. With 20 years of experience within the fuel industry, they have also made some huge leaps forward in their company development. They created the first fuel cell bicycle and scooter in the world, and in 2009 started a joint venture in China. They also created the first fuel cell portable generator, as well as making improvements and innovations with solar panels and other green fuel sources. In 2015, they created a hybrid fuel cell electric bus. They now have bases in Taiwan, Madrid, and across China.

What they do

Working across North America, Europe, and Asia, Palcan is constantly looking to improve the fuel that we use and create more eco-friendly options. They believe firmly in green power, and their big goal is to create a “green society”. They have created a number of new products for the green power market, and continue to work on new projects to this day. Their innovations are at use in many places around the world, so you may have enjoyed power created by them without even knowing it!

Like so many of our tenants, Palcan is such a unique and interesting business. The diversity of the companies sharing our walls makes for a vibrant mix, and really increases the business opportunities for those who mingle with their neighbours. This is a fantastic example of something you wouldn’t expect to see until you found them!

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