Offices To Let Near Kettleshulme 

Business looking for a new office space will find themselves at home in the area in and around Kettleshulme. This location is close by to the busy commerce city of Manchester, with easy access by train or road, making it a great place to capture both customers and employees.

This is a hugely popular commuter area, which is why the nearby Adelphi Mill is so well-placed. You get the benefit of being near to a great city but with much lower rent, giving you the best of both worlds.

Locality of Adelphi Mill offices to Kettleshulme

Locality of Adelphi Mill offices to Kettleshulme

Save your business money

While Kettleshulme is a small town of just over 350 residents, it is one of many nearby settlements of various sizes. This part of the country is dotted with many such towns and villages which are suitable homes for commuters, who might work in the city but prefer to shop closer to home. That’s one of the reasons why retail or service businesses will find a lot of success at Adelphi Mill, whilst also saving themselves a lot of money.

Paying the exorbitant rates of the city centre is pointless for most companies, as you won’t get as much additional benefit as you expect. This is a great way to go out of business fast! Instead, saving money with the lower rents – as well as lower transport fees, and free parking – available at Adelphi Mill is the smart way forward.

New opportunities in Kettleshulme offices

The office space near Kettleshulme also allows you to find new opportunities which you would not discover elsewhere. Adelphi Mill is home to a large number of companies, all of which present potential business deals and partnerships. You might also be able to sell your services or products to the employees who work in the rest of the building, not to mention the high amount of footfall from customers who are already visiting.

View Available Office Space at Adelphi Mill

View Available Office Space at Adelphi Mill

Inter-tenant trading can offer great potential, and it feels more like being part of a community here in Adelphi Mill. That means that people are more willing to work together, and you will get a higher rate of job satisfaction for your employees thanks to the pleasant working environment.

Adelphi Mill’s amenities and facilities

The other advantage of coming to a managed office facility is the added extras that come along with it. We have plenty of those here at the mill, which has recently undergone a multi-million-pound refurbishment. The inside is now fresh and modern with all the conveniences that you could need, while the exterior remains the grand, impressive Grade II listed cotton mill.

Kettleshulme is also home to another mill, the Lumbhole Mill, which sadly is no longer in use. It has been kept in good working order but is no longer used for commercial purposes. Where Adelphi Mill was a cotton spinning mill, as part of the big fabric trade in this area of the country, Kettleshulme was actually home to candle-wick manufacturers.

Adelphi Mill today contains plenty of amenities that you will enjoy, including both a passenger lift and a goods lift, managed and landscaped grounds, a free car park, 24/7 security, an on-site café for refreshments, a gym with preferential rates for tenants, washing up areas, and plenty of public toilets. This means that you and your customers will always be comfortable while you are on the site.

There are lots of advantages for taking up one of the offices to let near Kettleshulme, especially if you choose Adelphi Mill as your new home. Saving money, getting access to more opportunities, and using great facilities will all get your business off to a flying start.

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