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Office space Stockport: join a busy and diverse regional economy

Adelphi Mill office space is close to stockport town centre

Map showing the locality of Adelphi Mill Office Space to Stockport

If you are looking for office space, Stockport is an excellent place to set the foundations for your company. Just 6 miles southeast of the action-packed city of Manchester, Stockport is just a ten to fifteen minute train ride away from the city centre and with great transport link to other nearby towns, office space Stockport is perfect for both access to activities in your area and meetings with customers or colleagues in the surrounding area.

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The Adelphi Mill is located just 10.6 miles (24 minutes drive) from the Centre of Stockport.This gives office space at Adelphi Mill the benefits of Stockport office space but with even lower rents. The map above shows Adelphi Mill’s locality to Stockport. The picture below shows the high standard of office space in Adelphi Mill.

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Office Space to rent and let in the Stockport area at Adelphi Mill

For more information about the town, check out the Wikipedia web page by following this weblink : Within the city centre there are already many shops, resaturants and organizations which form a busy regional marketplace with lots of trade from local residents. For a map of the community simply just click this link to see it on google maps : httpss://,Wilmslow,+Cheshire+East&gl=uk&ei=8j_TT7TQC-PO0QW80NyqBA&oi=geocode_result&ved=0CBQQ8gEwAA


Office Space Stockport could save your company valuable money

With a population which is already over 140,000 and an economy which is attracting ever more inhabitants, Stockport is in itself an dynamic town and a fantastic location in which  to either develop a new company or to relocate an existing one. Relocating to Stockport would be an excellent opportunity especially given the financial crisis; moving just slightly out of the city and away from the sometimes staggeringly high rent prices which come with it could save you beneficial funds which would be better invested elsewhere. Work place Stockport could be the perfect way to save your own company from the unfortunate fate of many others, by saving hard-earned profit with a lower rate of rent.

Office space Stockport gives your company new opportunities

Office space Stockport also allows your company to get engaged in an outstanding founded group. Whether you include yourselves by creating a connection with the regional organizations, both main and additional, or assisting activities in your area or by simply allowing a helpful group for employees and their loved ones to stay in; office space Stockport provides you with more possibilities on a regional variety.  And with just a 25 instant journey taking you into the very centre of Manchester’s city centre, where there are awesome exercise relationships to all the significant locations in England, Scotland and Wales you can be watching customers in every side of the nation in almost no time.

Office space Stockport is relatively inexpensive when in evaluation to shelling out the amazing expenditures of inner city rent

There is a wide variety of office space available for you to choose from in Stockport. Work place Stockport comes in many different forms to suit organizations which vary from individual entrepreneurs to globally minded organizations. You do not have to be based in the city centre to sustain close relationships with customers there. Office space Stockport provides the perfect compromise between city centre business life and the the established economy of a smaller community. This makes office space Stockport the perfect foundation for all your organisation’s needs.

Office space at the Adelphi Mill has no hidden costs

If you are looking to relocate your business to better premises, the office space to rent and let in Stockport at the Adelphi Mill has everything you need to get your business up and running smoothly again. The office space Stockport has at the Adelphi Mill is some of the best quality office space in the Greater Manchester area, in a prime location for new and expanding businesses. Unlike many other providers of office space to rent and let in Stockport, the price you are quoted is the price you will pay, there are no extra charges for parking, no charges for cleaning staff and extra sets of keys for management. These fees are all included in the price as we believe these facilities are essentials not luxuries. Although you can pay for additional services such as help moving over equipment and furniture, these are advertised as optional extras to help the transition be as smooth and swift as possible. There is nothing hidden in the contract.

One of the biggest perks of choosing office space to let Stockport has at the Adelphi Mill is the free on-site parking. This can save your business a huge amount of money as many providers of office space to rent and let in Stockport charge a fee per employee per month. The average price of parking is £30 per employee per month, which gives you an average saving of £2,160 per year if you are a small business employing six members of staff.

The Adelphi Mill has just had a multi-million pound makeover

adelphi mill office space stockport

Modernised Offices

The Adelphi Mill is now a Grade II listed building and has a long and lucrative history dating back to 1856. It was built by Martin Swindells, a local cotton farmer, and was first used as a cotton spinning mill. When silk production began to increase in profitability, the mill was converted and used for silk spinning instead. From the outside the building maintains a certain industrial charm of Victorian architecture, but recently the Adelphi Mill’s interior had a huge renovation project making it one of the best places for office space to let Stockport can provide.

The modern interior has brought this building up to scratch, offering light, airy spaces that can be tailor made to suit your business’s needs. The Adelphi Mill is a huge part of the Cheshire countryside and provides office space to rent and let in Stockport that looks incredible, but still blends in with the culture and traditions of the local community.

There is lots of opportunity to make new business relationships at the Adelphi Mill

If you are looking to relocate your business to office space to rent Stockport is a thriving business community which is constantly growing. The Adelphi Mill has been providing office space to rent and let in Stockport for many years, as a result there are a huge array of different businesses that are tenants, both long term and new arrivals. Businesses that use the office space to let Stockport has at the Adelphi Mill often work alongside one another, exchanging savings and discounts with other businesses to cut outgoings and draw in new business. As many of the businesses make savings through using the office space to rent Stockport can provide at the Adelphi Mill, they often do fantastic deals for other businesses resident in the same premises.

available office space stockport

Many of the other tenants deal with important aspects of a business’s general operation. Printers, Packagers, IT Services, Publishing and Document Processing are some of the businesses that all benefit from office space to rent and let in Stockport. Any business can benefit from the inter-tenant trading on offer at the Adelphi Mill, if you are interested in finding out more about the range of tenants currently using the office space to rent Stockport has at the Adelphi Mill then please get in touch with the Landlords office.

The economic downturn doesn’t have to be a drag

Whether you are a start-up company, SME or well established business, there are lots of reasons to look at the office space to rent Stockport has available at the Adelphi Mill. We offer some of the most competitively priced premises on the market today, with unmatched quality and flexibility to suit any business. The office space to let Stockport has at the Adelphi Mill starts from as little as £23 per week, which is some of the best priced office space in and around the Stockport and Macclesfield area. Our offices are tailor made to suit businesses in every stage of their development, from small manageable spaces for start-ups to large services offices with a reception and waiting area for more established companies.

Office space at the Adelphi Mill has a unique atmosphere

If you are a start-up, SME or established business looking for office space to rent and let in Stockport, the Adelphi Mill is a great place your business can look to relocate to. Not only are the transparent prices as low as £23 a week, but you also have the benefit of other businesses that can help you get the exposure and recommendations you will need to kick-start your business. There are a huge range of facilities on offer for the staff to take advantage of, making your business a more attractive prospect for new staff and customers or clients. The Adelphi Mill has a friendly atmosphere which helps your staff to settle in and plenty of green space sin the surrounding area to make lunchtime a more pleasant experience.

If you would like some more information on pricing for your specific needs, or you would simply like a chance to have a look around at the variety of office space available, please contact us today.