Office space Macclesfield – The Infinite Group Case Study

This month’s featured office space Macclesfield Tenant is The Infinite Group, an international network of quality business advisors who are now actively looking for individuals to become Partners in the Group.

The Infinite Group

We are now actively looking for partners in the North of England if you are interested call Nick Brookes on 07733006940 or email or

The Infinite Group is an international network of quality business advisors

The Group work exclusively with SME business owners in the £1m-£25m bracket advising on growth strategies, M&A, discrete exit planning and franchise development.

The current partners, 33 in total, come from a variety of backgrounds both corporate and entrepreneurial and are based either in the South of England or Scotland

If you are looking for a lifestyle business to fit around other interests or the opportunity to earn a £100k plus income and you live in the North then you may want to call for a chat

What makes an ideal Partner – what are we looking for?

  • An individual who has worked as a business manager at a senior level in the corporate world who is considering a career change and wants to work for themselves?
  • An individual who has a successful business, has some spare capacity and would like to get involved in other entrepreneurial companies potentially gaining a Non Exec role and an equity stake

“We believe in smart, over just plain clever”

We operate as a team to assist business owners of all backgrounds and industries to get the most out of their business.

Everywhere we go, every business owner we meet, there are some common things we hear about what’s going on in their businesses:

a) Time – “I’m spending way too much time in the day-to-day running of the business. In fact the business is taking over my life. I went into business in order for my business to provide me with a lifestyle, not take my life away from me. I need to set some strategies to help me get back in control of my business – and my life!”

b) Money – “I’m NOT the highest paid person in the business, for the amount of time I spend in it. My business is profitable, but I need to develop further strategies to make it even more so, in order to give me the income I deserve.”

c) Team – “I find it difficult to find the right staff – and keep them. Every time I go away from the business, I worry that my staff are doing the right things by me and my customers.”

In short we work with business owners who appreciate having some assistance in growing and developing their business. It’s not that they “need help”; it’s more that they are looking for someone to bounce ideas off, hold them accountable and make sure they stay on track.

Could they do this themselves? Of course they could. But like all of us, it’s good to have someone in your corner. At times, running your own business can be pretty lonely.

If this sounds like you then please contact Nick Brookes on 07733006940 or email or

Alternatively, if you are one of those business owners we have identified in the aforementioned and are interested in finding out more about the Infinite Group then please feel free to drop us a line

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