Mech Electrics tenant case study

This week, we’re looking at another of our successful tenants here at Adelphi Mill. Mech Electrics have been in business since 2007 and are going strong at our facility. Here’s everything you need to know about this business.

Who they are

Mech Electrics aren’t an electrics company themselves, but rather a recruitment agency for the industry. They are specialists in finding the right candidates for the right opportunities, helping both businesses and individuals to find the right fit. With more than 10 years of experience, they have expanded to work across the whole of the UK and are experts at understanding the movements of the industry.

What they do

Rather than simply operating as an online agency, Mech Electrics are all about being proactive in the recruitment industry. They network daily and make sure to go to sites and offices to meet with the people who matter. They have direct contact with employees and hiring managers, which means that they also talk to individuals who may come recommended and are looking to move on from their roles.

Rather than simply sending a CV to a job opportunity that fits, they prefer to talk directly to the candidate and ensure their eligibility. This also helps them to more accurately present the candidate to the hiring manager and ensure that they have a much better chance of getting the job.

With experience dating back to the recession, they have gained supreme knowledge of who has moved where over the years, why, and what they are doing now. They know who has worked with whom, and who might be a better fit with someone else. They are also experts at keeping details private and confidential even when seeking out potential candidates for more exclusive roles.

Who needs them

Whether you are an employee in the electrics industry who may be looking for a new role, or a company with roles to fill, you will want to talk to Mech Electrics. They are happy dealing with and balancing both sides of the equation at all levels of seniority.

You will find Mech Electrics at Adelphi Mill in Bollington. You can call, email, or use their website to sign up for job updates, as well as adding your business recruitment needs. If you are staying in the industry long-term, you can also follow their job email newsletter for the latest updates.

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