Macclesfield Office Space to Let Case Study – VMT (Visual Management Technology)

This month’s featured office space Macclesfield tenant is VMT, Visual Management Technology, a cutting-edge company which develops products to improve business efficiency, reduce errors and enable ‘complete visualisation of a business’

VMT brings Kaizan to Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield

Kaizan, a Japanese philosophy underlies VMT’s approach to business and what they have to offer.

Kaizan, which means ‘improvement’ or ‘change for the better’ refers to the philosophy or practices which focus upon continuous, incremental improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, supporting business processes and management. It emphasises human resources and involves all employees from the CEO to the assembley line workers.

By improving standardized activities and processes within companies in Macclesfield and further afield, kaizen aims to eliminate waste.

VMT’s product range is constantly evolving but here are a few of their products:

Virtual Whiteboard – Macclesfield

Virtual Whiteboard is an interactive Visual Management Centre which can be deployed across different geographical locations. It provides full real time visibility of performance, supporting a structured, disciplined approach to process management.

Virtual Whiteboard provides real time status of the condition of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) within a few seconds, linking top level performance with detailed activities throughout the business. Any abnormal result or activity is easily identified, allowing the appropriate corrective action to be taken.

Customised Printed Wipeboards – Macclesfield

VMT Macclesfield, create whiteboards according to your individual design & specification, everything from a simple grid layout to a high graphic print.

Count In Count Out (CICO) – Macclesfield

Originally developed for the motorsport industry, where efficiency and error prevention are key, Visual Management Technology’s CICO systems provide immediate visibility that all components and tooling are present.

CICO improves time efficiency. Less time is spent sourcing tools or parts on the shop floor and a logical parts layout results in assembly times being reduced. Tests indicate a possible 30-40% time saving.
The product range includes kit boxes, tool cases, shadow boarding and tool racking. VMT Macclesfield can also provide bespoke tailoring of inserts for your existing tool drawers and different materials can be used to fulfil the demands of your business.

For more information and details of other VMT products go to:

Office space to rent Macclesfield

Adelphi Mill offices Macclesfield provide office space to rent in Bollington, Macclesfield. Why not view our available Macclesfield office space to let to see how we could cater for your office space requirements.

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