How to rent commercial office space

Renting a commercial space for your business is a huge commitment. So you must get it right. It is one of the largest investments you will make in your business and your growth. 

How your business space looks makes a significant impact on how your customers perceive you and your company. 

You need to take several things into account, like the price, the location, and how much space you have to play with. 

The right office can make your employees more productive, increase the likelihood of making great hires, and closing good deals. The environment of your business makes a significant impact on your bottom line. 

Start The Search

Carefully outline what you need in your office space. Once you have a clear understanding of your needs, you will be able to make a list of properties that match your requirements. 

Use these details to book a viewing of any offices that meet your needs. It is essential to also figure in how much the travel will cost, and the length of time it will take to get from home to work – do this for all of your employees. 

You might find that several types of space fit your needs:

  • Traditional office space
  • Creative office space
  • Industrial warehouse office space
  • Listed buildings like Adelphi Mill

Carefully consider your brand and what will work. 


If this is your first time renting a commercial property, it is really easy to get carried away looking at the first property. It is essential that you take some time between bookings. 

If you line up too many on the same day, you will lose track of which space had what amenities and facilities. Taking a few days where possible between viewings can be very helpful. 

Before you sign any paperwork, you should always go for at least one more visit and carefully consider if the building has what you need. 

During the viewing, take notes. How much space you get, what is included, what the neighbouring businesses do. 

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Have there been any break-in ins the area recently
  • How much has the rent increased by in previous years, and what will be the future increase
  • Who is responsible for the repairs
  • Do you get parking space with the office?
  • Are there communal areas

Remember the extra costs.

The price you see isn’t usually the price you pay. Several costs go along with renting a commercial property. 

Account for the following costs:

  • Deposit, this may be as much as six months rent. 
  • Legal fees ranging from £500 to £3000, this may be paid upfront and held to cover solicitor costs.
  • Fee for notice of assignment, this is £50
  • Payment of Land Registry and search fees, set aside up to £400 for this
  • You may also be required to pay for repairs and redecorations of the space.


You will need to sign an agreement to make the rental formal and legal. The lease is a legally binding contract, and you need to be sure of what it contains. 

A lease offers both you and the wonder of the property long-term confidence and stability. 

However, you still have room to negotiate in most cases. Here are several things that you will agree on:

  • How long the lease is for, and what the implications of breaking the lease are
  • If there are and rent-free periods, and how much the rent is
  • Any inspections, how they will be conducted and when
  • Rental reviews
  • Maintenance and service charges, how much it costs (total), what is included and who is responsible for specific items. 
  • How the bills will be paid, and on which date per month

The Contract

After you have submitted an offer on the property, the landlord will wish to discuss these terms. As above you both have room to negotiate for the best deal. 

Once the offer is accepted, you should ask the landlord to remove any advertisements for the property. This will stop someone from offering a better deal, and you lose the space. 

This document is not legally binding yet; it is a “heads of terms”. 

Now is the time to arrange a surveyor if you need to. 

Exchanging the contracts

With money in place, you will now exchange the contracts. Once deposit and fees are handed over, and contracts are exchanged, the agreement is legally binding. However, only once the balance is paid is the contract complete. 

Renting a commercial property brings long term stability, and the opportunity for growth to happen. 

Refurbished Office Space at The Adelphi Mill

Offices at competitive rates in Bollington, Macclesfield

Adelphi Mill has lots of available office space near Macclesfield, with the perfect combination of a great location with lower overheads than you would pay in the city.

Click on our gallery above to view examples of offices within The Adelphi Mill.

We hope everyone is safe and well and we look forward to welcoming our tenants as they return to the mill over the next few weeks.

Office Design Trends to Look For in 2020

View office space to rent in Macclesfield

Office design goes through plenty of different trends, just like any other area of design. There have been clear fads over the decades, such as the shift to open-plan offices and the introduction of adult playgrounds on campuses like Google’s. Here are the big trends that you can expect to see in 2020.

Going Green

Green office design has been around for a long time, but with groups like Extinction Rebellion making sure that climate change stays at the top of our minds, it’s becoming more popular than ever. Green design involves eco-friendly elements, and the reduction of waste as much as possible. This might include the use of different materials, including recycled furniture; responsive lights that are connected to motion sensors; and a focus on natural light. Not only does this reduce the use of electricity, but it also helps workers feel happier and more productive.

Looking Back

Plenty of companies are also going for a focus in the past in their office design. This often includes repurposing old spaces, and maintaining them to create a modern office space in a classic setting.

It’s on trend also to include nods to the past in the office furnishings. This can include the use of items from the past of the company itself – but if you’re running a start-up, that might not be an option. A better idea in this case is to incorporate the history of your building. For example, the tenants here at Adelphi Mill might like to find vintage equipment that would have been used in the cotton spinning industry to add that retro style.

Multi-purpose Rooms

The modern office in 2020 has to be flexible and adaptable, and also efficient. That means using every inch of the space to its fullest potential. The boardroom is a key area that is no longer really useful in its traditional format: meetings are becoming less formal across industries, remote working is now more common, and having a whole room set aside just for big meetings seems wasteful.

Retractable walls are a great way to make the boardroom earn its keep. They allow a large space to be subdivided into smaller, temporary workspaces that can be changed and moved at a moment’s notice. Got the whole board together for the annual meeting? Great, use the whole space. Need to work in small groups on different parts of a project? Cut the space down into small areas and you can all have your own private offices. It works for everyone.

There are plenty of ongoing trends which have also carried through from 2019 and earlier, so if none of these ideas appeal to you or feel like they would revitalise your space, you can still try some other, longer-lasting trends. These include open-plan offices and the removal of private rooms for managers and executives, allowing more free collaboration; the use of every available space to create function, including areas that would once have been ignored; and the dedication of space to company culture.

Why should I choose to let offices in Macclesfield?

Office space at Adelphi Mill
View available office space at Adelphi Mill

There are so many options when it comes to picking a location for your offices. We’re here to make the case for Macclesfield, which offers plenty of new opportunities for start-up and existing businesses. In and around this area, you will find a lot of great benefits for your business – including the following…

Fantastic transport links

There are really great transport links in the whole of the Greater Manchester area. You have the Manchester airport for international partners or clients, train stations, bus routes, and the motorway as well. This all means that it is really easy to get around. 

While it might end up getting cramped in the city centre, out in Macclesfield the roads are not as busy, especially outside of rush hour. This means that there is greater capacity for getting around in a reasonable timeframe. It’s great news if you want visitors to come to you often, such as business partners or customers.

Lower rent rates

If you are interested in saving money for your business – which any business owner or manager should be – then you will be interested to learn that Macclesfield offers great value for money, especially when compared with Manchester city centre.

The rates in the city are astronomical, and getting onto a high street would bankrupt many small businesses and start-ups before they even managed to get off the ground. But with Macclesfield, you can get a much better deal which will not break the bank. This is great news for businesses on a budget who want more bang for their buck.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you will get more exposure on Manchester’s expensive high streets, either. While there is a high rate of footfall there, you can also find a lot of eager shoppers in Macclesfield. If you sell a service, then moving away from the city centre will actually be beneficial to you, particularly if it is a B2B service or an online service which would not benefit from the presence of everyday shoppers.

A growing business hub

Macclesfield and the whole of the Greater Manchester area are really booming as business hubs. The natural flow of commerce within the UK has been trending in this direction for some years, as larger businesses realise the potential of northern cities and come to enjoy the lower rates. This helps to support a framework in which smaller businesses can also thrive, with more grants being handed out and a livelier economy. It also means that those who live and work in the area have a better chance of getting a good job, leading to more money out on the streets in the pockets of shoppers.

The advantage of getting into business here at this time is that the boom is still going. You can still enjoy lower rates and yet get all the advantages of this thriving scene. Eventually, rates will end up being raised due to the popularity of the area, at which point a change will come – but if you are already locked in at a great rate, you won’t need to worry. The next few years are looking fantastic for Macclesfield, so it’s a great time to get started here.

Whether you are setting up your first office, moving your operations, or adding a new branch, you can’t do much better than Macclesfield. There is a lot of opportunity here, from business grants to collaborations with other businesses. Combine this with low rates, excellent transport links, and great footfall, and you have a winning combination for any type of company. 

7 office space search tips for 2020

Office space at Adelphi Mill
View available office space at Adelphi Mill

Searching for an office space has always been a tedious and time-consuming effort, and can be very confusing for those who are not experienced in looking at office spaces. There is so much you need to know – from how big a square foot is to what kinds of rates you will need to pay on top of your rent. Here are seven top tips to make your search easier in 2020.

1. Think outside the box

In this case, the box is the city centre. Do you really need to cling on to spaces in high-rent areas which don’t actually offer that much of an advantage? Move out of the city centre and you can find office spaces which still have all the benefits you’re looking for: easy access, good rates of footfall, lots of space, an attractive area, and so on.

2. Check for hidden fees

Before you sign any dotted lines, be sure to ask for a full breakdown of all the fees you will be required to pay before, during, and after your rental period. Make careful note. This will help you to avoid hidden fees – and if you do come across sudden declarations of fees you didn’t previously know about during this breakdown, think carefully. Do you really want to rent from a company that wasn’t going to tell you about these fees until you asked?

3. Look for access

Location is always important, but access is one of the most important factors of the location. Figure out how easy it is to get to your office space. Is there a main road nearby? Links with public transport such as trains and buses? If you work internationally, are you near an airport? Is there plenty of room for parking? The last thing you want is employees being late every day because they can’t get parked.

4. Be flexible

You might have the ideal office space pictured in your head. If so, try to forget it. It’s important to stay flexible and be open to what is out there. You might find that what you want isn’t possible – and you might be pleasantly surprised by what options come up instead.

5. Take a tour

It sounds obvious to us, but apparently some companies make the mistake of never touring a prospective office space before signing the lease. Go and have a look – pictures don’t always tell the whole story. They might not convey the choir that practices loudly every day at 4pm in the room next door, or that the toilet facilities haven’t been updated for fifty years.

6. Seek to impress

When you are choosing your office space, look at it not only as an employee working there but also as a visitor. Whether you have customers coming to your space, or potential partners, investors, or so on, you want to make a good impression. Does the space you are thinking about do that?

7. Widen your search

When you are looking for spaces online, it can be easier to get boxed into a certain area and find yourself stuck with only options that aren’t great. Expand your search and go wider. Outside of major cities, you would be surprised to find what great opportunities are arising.

The most important thing is that you don’t rush into choosing an office space in 2020 just because you are in a hurry or you’re tired of searching. Take the time to find a space that suits you in terms of space, location, access, and expenses – don’t overstretch your business financially.

6 SME tips for marketing locally

Available office space at Adelphi Mill, Stockport

With all the focus on marking online, it’s easy to forget that it might be more beneficial to market your business in your local area. People love to support a local company, as they feel that they are helping out a neighbour rather than shopping with a faceless corporation. Here are six ways to get the word out there!

1. Use posters and banners

You can make your presence known by a small-scale local advertising campaign, using posters and banners which you can put up at recognised points. Whether these are on billboards by the side of the road, bus stops, or just out in the street near your front door, you are bound to get a few more walk-in customers. You may be surprised at how many of them express that they did not know you were around before, even if you are in a prominent position. It really takes a nudge to get customers to take notice!

2. Sponsor a local event

Football teams, school clubs, fairs, and other local events often need sponsors in order to get off the ground. You might have to pay to get a school football kit made up, or put money in the kitty towards running an event – or you may even provide your services free of charge if they are relevant. But the exchange that you will get in terms of local exposure can be well worth it.

3. Get a stand at a local fair

Trade shows can be daunting, as it can cost thousands of pounds to get a stall – and then you are expected to decorate it and make it look professional, as well as having someone stand there all day long. Why not try a local fair instead? You will often find these popping up before Christmas and at other key times of the year. Let people purchase your items or explain your services to them, and make sure they go away with a leaflet bearing all of your details.

4. Appear in a local paper

Though they say that print is dying, local papers still get a decent readership. They often contain news about the local schools and clubs, which everyone wants to read about if they have kids or are a member. They are a good place to either pay for some advertising, or get your own recent newsworthy story written up.

5. Target locals online

Even though you want to target local people, you can still do it with online ads. When setting up your advert, make sure to specify that you only want it to be seen by people in or around your local area. This will make it a lot cheaper to run your campaign with fewer targets, and will ensure a good clickthrough rate as well!

6. Have an event day

Hold an event of your own at your place of business! Popular themes could include a family day, with games or discounts for kids; holiday-based events, such as a spooky Halloween haunted shop or having Santa over for a day; and savings events, when loyal customers can get huge discounts. Try not to clash with other events like Black Friday to get more attention to your own sales and events!

There are lots of ways to get attention in your local area, even if you just go out and talk to parents during the school run or attend a local Chamber of Commerce meeting. But these tips will get the word spread far and wide, ensuring you get a lot more attention from local customers!

Things to do in Bollington this Autumn / Winter

Now that the cooler weather is starting to set in, it’s time to find some warmer activities to try. With the kids off school for half term and for the Christmas holidays, families will also be in search of some fun! Here are some great things to do in and around Bollington this season

Happy Potter 

Have you ever tried a bit of pottery? Kids will be tickled by the name alone, and there are classes to try for the whole family. You can make all kinds of pottery gifts, from cups and mugs to models of teddies, pandas, and even Batman. Choose the pot that appeals to you, and get the chance to paint it by hand before putting it in the kiln and waiting for it to be finished. You can take your items home at the end of the day to remember them forever.

Brookside Miniature Railway

The Brookside Garden Centre in Poynton is a great attraction for the whole family, including a railway ride through their beautiful gardens. Afterwards, you can take the time to stroll through their museum, which contains plenty of memorabilia and relics from the railways. Plus there are gift shops, and an aquatic centre, all of which are indoors for your comfort. No shivering here!

Lyme Park

Bundle up with a scarf and gloves to explore the gardens of Lyme Park – these are a beautiful treat to explore. Manicured gardens, neat hedges, and rolling woodlands abound. If it’s raining or too cold to be outside, you can explore the stately home itself instead. The majestic settings give way to an equally majestic home!

Let Loose Soft Play

Kids love a soft play area. Climbing up and down, throwing balls, and generally using up all of their energy – they will have a whale of a time! It’s also good fun for parents, who can sit back in the waiting area with a hot drink and a cake. This is the perfect place to sit for an afternoon, especially if you can meet up with a group of other parents for a get-together. The kids will go wild, and when it’s time to go home, they will be ready for a sleep!

Local walks

The beautiful local walks in and around Bollington are here year-round. Why not wrap up warm and burn off some of the Christmas excess by taking a stroll? There are miles of gorgeous walking trails here, and they vary in difficulty so that there’s something for the most unfit of us. Which we might well all be, come the first week of January – mince pies are hard to shift! If you like more of a challenge, you will find something suitable too. The views can be spectacular!

Shopping at Adelphi Mill

If you’re looking for a day indoors, head to Adelphi Mill. We have a wealth of shops on offer, as well as activity centres, kids classes, and a café on site. This means that there is something to occupy the whole family for the whole day. If you book yourself in to a few classes, you can even pick up some new tricks or improve your fitness during the course of the day! 


AW Muscle & Fitness

Emily and Alex Wilkinson bought the gym in the Adelphi Mill in November 2018, re-branded to AW Muscle and Fitness and made some significant changes. The recent expansion into a new weights room means the gym now boasts a wide range of strength and weight equipment suitable for all members. The new class timetable has been designed to boost motivation, and caters for novices through to avid gym-goers. The gym has plenty of cardio equipment and a large functional training area. There is also a separate spin studio and area for boxing. 

Alex is a Personal Trainer with over 10 years’ experience in the fitness industry. He has worked with many clients of all ages and abilities. His aim is to give his clients the confidence and the skills they need to continue progressing and to meet their personal goals.

Emily is a Nutritionist and Appetite Psychologist, previously working for Nestlé as a Nutrition Specialist, and leading initiatives in health & employee well-being. Emily now works with a number of nutrition clients, both gym members and non-gym members, to improve their diets and eating habits based on their personal goals. 

Café Waterside Clarence Mill

We are passionate about what we do, and we want to serve you with deliciously uncomplicated food, using locally sourced produce, that tastes just great. We are open 7 days a week and have an extensive menu and take-away options to suit all tastes, including freshly baked cakes.

We can also cater for working lunches, buffets and outdoor events, please call us to discuss.

Phone: 01625 575563 cafewaterside/

Commercial Space Macclesfield

If you are in need of new commercial space, Macclesfield has a lot to offer. You are situated just a short distance from the Manchester city centre, a business hub, and with great transport links all around. The Manchester city airport, motorway, train station, and bus routes all connect the two areas, making it simple for your employees to get to work and customers to visit your business. 

Adelphi Mill has lots of available commercial space near Macclesfield, with the perfect combination of a great location with lower rent than you would pay in the city. On the map here, you can see just how close Adelphi Mill is to Macclesfield – and to Manchester itself.

commercial space macclesfield

View commercial space Macclesfield at The Adelphi Mill

The level of commercial space on offer at Adelphi Mill is very high, a fact that we pride ourselves on after a complete refurbishment of the interior. Here’s why you should be looking at Macclesfield for your business needs.

Office Space Macclesfield Could Save You Money

Macclesfield is becoming a real business hub itself, and is a great place to set up a new company or expand an existing one. There are lots of opportunities here for inter-tenant trading and partnerships, and there are plenty of shoppers already waiting to explore your business.

This makes Macclesfield a great choice for commercial space, and the added cherry on top is the price. Because you are outside of Manchester city centre, the rent is much lower and you can get a fantastic deal. On the other hand, you still get a lot of benefits from the location – the proximity to Manchester means that not only are you well-placed to find new clients, but investors and traders looking for suppliers are actually attracted to this area of the country more than others.

Sadly, many companies that try to set up in Manchester city centre tend to fail because they can’t keep up with the exorbitantly high rent and business rates. In Macclesfield, you have a much better chance of staying the distance.

Macclesfield’s Commercial Space Offers Opportunities

There are plenty of business groups and organisations set up in Macclesfield and the Greater Manchester area. Joining these gives you the chance to network and create new opportunities for your business, such as trading partnerships and cross-promotion.

Sharing a space like Adelphi Mill with other tenants is also a great way to kick-start your business. You may even find that you have potential customers amongst the business owners and employees who are your neighbours. You can also create packages together which will allow you both to make more money – for example, a graphic designer and a printer could team up, creating a deal to design and print flyers at an appealing price.

This is also such a huge area for business right now that a lot of money is moving in the direction of Manchester – which means that growth could be a lot easier for you.

Adelphi Mill Commercial Space Has No Hidden Costs

The great thing about our services is that we give you the full cost up-front, which is not the case with all managed spaces. Adelphi Mill has some of the best commercial space Macclesfield has to offer, and all at such a low price that you will wonder if it’s real – but it is! 

There is no extra charge for parking in our car park, which is open to your staff and customers. We have security on watch around the clock, and we don’t charge extra for the cleaning staff or maintenance of the grounds. We do have some optional extras – like helping you to move into your new commercial space and set everything up – which are priced additionally, because we know that not everyone is keen to use these services.

With nothing hidden in the contract and a multi-million pound makeover ensuring that Adelphi Mill looks its best, you will soon discover that you can trust in our spaces. This will save you a lot of money in the long run over venues that add additional charges like car parking without warning.