Large and Small storage spaces to let in Macclesfield

For many of us finding a place to put all our extra belongings, or simply finding the right space to set up a working environment, can seem like a complex task.

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View available storage space in Macclesfield

At Adelphi Mill there is plenty of office space to let and rent which is perfect for anyone looking for the right space to set up a business, company or working space.

Adelphi Mill works with potential tenants to find the relevant office storage space to let or rent, all for a reliable price and situated in a convenient location.  The offices are based in Macclesfield and specialise in offering commercial space in Macclesfield to a wide range of companies.

The impressive Adelphi Mill is a Grade II listed building, standing on its proud history as a former cotton mill.  The Mill underwent a dramatic multi-million pound refurbishment in order to transform the building in to a modern day commercial space that offers stylish and serviced office rental space. Aswell as this the Mill offers serviced office space, industrial units and workshops, all designed to fit with the character of the Mill.   The current Adelphi Mill building has been family owned for over 10 years and has a 95% occupancy rate.

The Office Space

There are currently a wide range of office/storage space in Maccclesfield available to rent in the Adelphi Mill and Clarence Mill.

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The Adelphi Mill

Whether you are a small or large business, or need a small or large storage space, Adelphi Mill has a range of spaces to choose from.

Adelphi Mill offers spaces such as an industrial unit that features a large warehouse and storage space. The storage space also includes a toilet and a kitchen and has enough room for several smaller businesses to be featured inside.  The spaces are not only available in the Adelphi Mill but are also available at Clarence Mill; the sister mill of Adelphi also located in Macclesfield.

Aswell as offering storage space, Adelphi Mill also features office space in a variety of sizes. A large office space (2132 sq ft) is available at the Adelphi Mill, which includes a large open plan space which allows for a bright office that includes large windows. The modern office space is perfect for any business that needs the space aswell as the convenience, with large office plans being available on the 1st floor.


Macclesfield is a town in Cheshire that is a relatively affluent place.  The town is close to major cities such as Manchester and is located near areas like Derbyshire and Staffordshire.  Macclesfield is located near the popular spot of the Peak District and will no doubt attract potential business customers and visitors who enjoy the scenery aswell as the history.

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Adelphi Mill locality to Macclesfield

The town is famous for its once thriving silk industry, and its location is surrounded in a sense of history that has led to places like the Adelphi Mill being restored to its former glory.

Setting up a business or taking advantage of the storage space in Macclesfield is a wise business choice, as Macclesfield is easily reachable by many forms of transport. The town is served by many road links which help link popular locations, like Manchester Airport, to the scenic town.

Why choose Adelphi Mill offices?

There are many reasons to choose Adelphi Mill for office and storage space. The office space is situated in a picturesque surrounding which is also easily accessible through transport etc.  The office space is a standard price with no hidden costs to worry about, and all office space is modern and stylish enough for all tenants to get the most for their money. The offices offer free on-site parking aswell as other amenities such as a gym and café.

If you choose to locate to one of the offices at the Mill, the Adelphi Mill team will move you in for FREE and help your business and company get settled in the beautiful building that is surrounded by the local history and Scenery.

The Mill

The original Adelphi Mill was constructed by Martin Swindell, a local cotton spinner who also owned Clarence Mill. The more modern building sits alongside the Macclesfield Canal on the edge of the Peak district, and it the perfect place for any modern business to set up home.

For more help or information contact the Adelphi Mill team on 01625 575 125, and one of our team will be happy to help!

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