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If you are in need of new commercial space, Macclesfield has a lot to offer. You are situated just a short distance from the Manchester city centre, a business hub, and with great transport links all around. The Manchester city airport, motorway, train station, and bus routes all connect the two areas, making it simple for your employees to get to work and customers to visit your business. 

Adelphi Mill has lots of available commercial space near Macclesfield, with the perfect combination of a great location with lower rent than you would pay in the city. On the map here, you can see just how close Adelphi Mill is to Macclesfield – and to Manchester itself.

commercial space macclesfield

View commercial space Macclesfield at The Adelphi Mill

The level of commercial space on offer at Adelphi Mill is very high, a fact that we pride ourselves on after a complete refurbishment of the interior. Here’s why you should be looking at Macclesfield for your business needs.

Office Space Macclesfield Could Save You Money

Macclesfield is becoming a real business hub itself, and is a great place to set up a new company or expand an existing one. There are lots of opportunities here for inter-tenant trading and partnerships, and there are plenty of shoppers already waiting to explore your business.

This makes Macclesfield a great choice for commercial space, and the added cherry on top is the price. Because you are outside of Manchester city centre, the rent is much lower and you can get a fantastic deal. On the other hand, you still get a lot of benefits from the location – the proximity to Manchester means that not only are you well-placed to find new clients, but investors and traders looking for suppliers are actually attracted to this area of the country more than others.

Sadly, many companies that try to set up in Manchester city centre tend to fail because they can’t keep up with the exorbitantly high rent and business rates. In Macclesfield, you have a much better chance of staying the distance.

Macclesfield’s Commercial Space Offers Opportunities

There are plenty of business groups and organisations set up in Macclesfield and the Greater Manchester area. Joining these gives you the chance to network and create new opportunities for your business, such as trading partnerships and cross-promotion.

Sharing a space like Adelphi Mill with other tenants is also a great way to kick-start your business. You may even find that you have potential customers amongst the business owners and employees who are your neighbours. You can also create packages together which will allow you both to make more money – for example, a graphic designer and a printer could team up, creating a deal to design and print flyers at an appealing price.

This is also such a huge area for business right now that a lot of money is moving in the direction of Manchester – which means that growth could be a lot easier for you.

Adelphi Mill Commercial Space Has No Hidden Costs

The great thing about our services is that we give you the full cost up-front, which is not the case with all managed spaces. Adelphi Mill has some of the best commercial space Macclesfield has to offer, and all at such a low price that you will wonder if it’s real – but it is! 

There is no extra charge for parking in our car park, which is open to your staff and customers. We have security on watch around the clock, and we don’t charge extra for the cleaning staff or maintenance of the grounds. We do have some optional extras – like helping you to move into your new commercial space and set everything up – which are priced additionally, because we know that not everyone is keen to use these services.

With nothing hidden in the contract and a multi-million pound makeover ensuring that Adelphi Mill looks its best, you will soon discover that you can trust in our spaces. This will save you a lot of money in the long run over venues that add additional charges like car parking without warning.



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