City Offices vs Offices Near Green Spaces

There are a lot of debates about where the best place to open an office is.

Do you set up your headquarters in a city so that you’re near to a commerce centre, and close to where your customers already shop?

Or do you find an attractive green space that will give your employees higher job satisfaction, and could make your customers happier to drop by? Here’s the lowdown on these options.

City Offices

Having an office in a city does have plenty of advantages. You are close by to a lot of other businesses, which means an increase in footfall as well as a higher level of credibility. You also may have access to more resources: if you’re based next to a print shop, for example, you could find that it’s a lot cheaper and easier to get leaflets printed advertising your next sale. In terms of finding new customers, that could be as simple as walking out onto the street and getting some attention. Your employees will also find commuting easy, since transport links are good within cities.

However, there are also downsides to a city office. If you aren’t customer-facing but rather want a headquarters that will be closed to the public, then there’s little advantage to being on the high street. Rent and rates are also a lot higher in city centres, and while this can be a sign of success and high class, it’s also a very quick way for a company to go under. Your employees may feel more stressed, tired, and unhappy with their working environment thanks to the background noise, air pollution, and travel required to get to work.

Green Space Offices

So, how about setting up an office somewhere in the countryside? There can be a lot of benefits to this option. Having beautiful scenery around can really help employees to relax more and unleash their creative side, and they may feel that they have more job satisfaction as a result. The offices out here are much more affordable, and as a result, you may even be able to opt for a larger space whilst still saving money – so your staff don’t feel cramped. Customers and clients may be impressed by your green setting, leaving them more inclined to do business with you.

On the other hand, there are, of course, some disadvantages too. It may be harder for both employees and customers to reach you, unless you live in the local area. It will be more difficult to establish a retail foothold if your office is also where you sell your products. You won’t have access to other businesses as easily, and footfall won’t be as high.

The Middle Way

What if you could take the best of both worlds and combine the benefits, without including the disadvantages, of these options? At Adelphi Mill, we have access to green spaces and areas of historic interest, including the mill itself. However, we also have great transport links that give you access to Manchester city centre, the airport, and major motorways – not to mention train and bus stations. Plus, with so many other businesses taking up tenancy with us, high footfall and collaboration with your neighbours are also on the table.


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