5 tips on keeping office space costs down

Office space is one of the biggest expenses that most companies have to face. Renting the physical space as well as paying business rates and taxes, bills, and so on – it’s a lot to deal with. So how do you keep those overheads down? These five tips will have you saving more than you think.

View available office space at The Adelphi Mill

View available office space at The Adelphi Mill

1. Move out of the city

Office space is always more expensive when you are in a city centre, especially when it’s a big city. In fact, even in smaller towns you can pay a premium rate for the benefit of being on the high street – which may not even suit your business needs. In almost all circumstances, it’s better to go for an office which is out of the city and somewhere on the outskirts instead. Of course, you must make sure your office is still easily accessible.

2. Go for a managed office

A managed office is a lot less hassle for you in terms of maintenance. Usually, the building and the grounds will be maintained by the management team, and you may even have a deal where your bills are rolled into your rental contract. This means that you will pay less overall whilst still getting great service and a space that looks great for any visitors.

3. Find a flexible space

Going for an office which is too big could cripple you in terms of the outgoing rent, but getting an office which is exactly the right size will stifle your growth. Go for a space which has more flexibility attached, allowing you to expand and upgrade your contract whenever you are ready to. A managed building is perfect for this as there are often larger spaces or add-ons available.

4. Go eco-friendly

The great thing about eco-friendly materials and appliances is that they can also save your bills. Use light bulbs which require less energy and think about ways in which you can be more efficient throughout the rest of the office. Having a no-print policy except in essential situations can save you a lot of money on paper, toner, and printer maintenance, for example – whilst also saving the trees.

5. Encourage flexible working

Can any of your team work from home? If so, then why don’t they? Having certain people working on a remote basis, or only coming into the office on certain days and at certain times, can save you a lot of money. You won’t need as much desk space, and you’ll save on your electricity bills for sure. Plus, your employees will probably be happier with the arrangement!


Saving money on your office space is essential if you want to improve your company’s bottom line. Make sure that you aren’t paying too much for no good reason – it’s so easy to save cash in a number of different areas, so there’s no excuse! These tips should help you cut back a huge amount for a start.

7 tips on moving office premises this summer

Moving offices is always stressful, and can involve a lot of moving parts. If you’re facing this dreaded task this summer, then follow our seven tips to take away some of the pain – and even make it an enjoyable process.

1. Consider location and rates

The choice of a new office is always hinged on two major points: the location, and the rates. Too good of a location, and you might not be able to afford the rates. Too good rates, and you might find yourself in the middle of nowhere.

The best solution is one that gives you a good result in both worlds. Adelphi Mill is ideally situated just outside of Manchester, which means we have excellent transport links as well as low rates.

2. Choose a low-volume time

When is your office at its quietest? That’s the time when you should be moving office. It might be something that you can narrow down to a specific week, or it might just be a case of picking a day of the week that will work better. Moving with the least possible disruption is key for keeping your business running smoothly.

3. Consider your employees

A change of venue can be hard for your employees. Make sure to consult with them beforehand. Do they still feel able to travel easily to work? Could they benefit from a more flexible working plan so that they do not have to travel so far every day? You may even find some employees have been anxious about the move, and you can reassure them ahead of time if you talk with them.

4. Get the move done for you

Having a firm come in and move your office for you will take a lot of the stress out of it. If you’re lucky, your new managed office will offer free moving services!

5. Change your address early

Make sure that you update your address on your website ahead of time, update your Google Maps listing, and let relevant clients or partners know of the change. If you leave it too late, important post will still be going to your old address, causing delays.

6. Use the opportunity

This is a great chance to get rid of the things you don’t need or are too old to function properly, and replace them. Whether that means old files, furniture, or equipment, don’t bother moving it if it isn’t worth it.

7. Invest in new design

How is your office layout working for you? Now is a great time to invest in office design and make sure that everything is set up as well as possible. Your layout can affect productivity, employee satisfaction, and more, so it’s important to focus on it.


With these tips in your mind, you should be able to see better results from your office relocation. Don’t let things get away from you – set up a plan as soon as possible so that everything is under control!

6 things to do in Bollington this Summer

This summer, make sure that you make the most of the opportunities in offer in Bollington. Whether you are going solo, spending days out with the family, or looking for a romantic getaway, you will find an activity that will make your summer special. Here are our top six things to do this year!

1. Take a walk by picturesque canals

The canals in Bollington are a beautiful area, and often wind their way through the historic areas between buildings that date back to Victorian times and earlier. Keep following them into wider green spaces, and watch vessels navigating these courses and managing the locks.

2. Visit historic Adelphi Mill

Adelphi Mill is more than just a historic mill, though of course it still retains that majesty. There’s a lot to do once you step inside, from shopping with retail brands to getting fit, and from stopping for lunch to getting consultations with various service-based businesses. There’s a lot going on here, so stop by on a free day to make the most of it!

3. Take a brewery tour

Bollington Brewery Co. Ltd is open for business and also open for tours. Seeing how your favourite tipples are made is always fun, and you will of course get the chance to sample some of it for yourself as part of the tour. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop, which is great for picking up presents for birthdays and Christmas.

4. Get on the water

If your walk by the canal is fun, why not get on the water yourself? There are boat tours available for those who want to be driven along, or you can even take the captain’s chair yourself. If you don’t want to go by boat, you could also rent a bike for a tour along the canal side.

5. Enjoy the arts

Bollington Arts Centre has a plethora of activities and events on offer for absolutely anyone, from music to painting and from group activities to tuition. If you are interested in the arts in any way – even if just to have some fun with the kids for a day – then you can’t miss this venue. You can find a full schedule of their events and workshops by checking them out online.

6. Pick p some local wares

Northern Makes is a great place to go if you want to support local craftspeople and encourage some dying arts. Handmade goods are on offer, such as jewellery, ceramics, homewares, art, and lighting solutions. By the time you visit, they will probably have added even more to the list. Even if you don’t make a purchase, it’s a fun place to see masters at work!


There’s so much going on in Bollington, so keep your eye out for announcements about fun local events. These can range from craft fairs to charity fun runs, with something for the whole family. Staying active in the local community means you don’t miss out on anything exciting!

How to avoid office relocation issues this summer

Many businesses choose the summer as a time to relocate their office, particularly if the time has come for an expansion. If this is the case for your company, then you will want to take steps to ensure that you do not face any of the typical issues which can crop up when you are moving from one location to another. Here are the main problems to watch out for, and how you can combat them.

offices at adelphi mill macclesfield

Thinking about relocating your office can be difficult

Missing post and lost web pages

When you change your office address, a number of things can go wrong. These include:

  • Missing or losing post and parcels because they are addressed to the wrong place
  • Visitors and customers failing to find you because they are visiting your old address
  • Incorrect queries from customers who are no longer suitable because of your new location
  • Two addresses on Google Maps – the old and the new – leading to confusion
  • A drop in your website search rankings, particularly in local searches, while Google updates your information
  • In order to stop all of these issues from happening, make sure that you take steps to change your address ahead of the move. Have your address change sent out to any existing customers
  • and other people who are likely to send you post, and get them to start delivering early if it is possible at your new location.

You can notify the Royal Mail of a change of address to get your post redirected for a while, and then after that it will be returned to the sender if they can do so. You should also update your website ahead of time (you can even add a moving-in date to avoid confusion) and you should take ownership of your Google Maps listings. This way, as soon as you shut down for the move, you can delete your old address and have your new one updated.


If you are shutting down for your move, you might end up with a lot of downtime for your business. Since you likely have to pay your employees during this time, but no work is getting done, it can end up being quite costly.

A great way to stop this from happening is to begin your move in earlier than your move out. In other words, start setting up your new office space so that you only need a day at maximum to move all of the furniture you are keeping over to the new location. Then your employees can be back at work the next day.

You can even ask them to work from home to eliminate all downtime!

Moving expenses

The expenses of moving everything to a new office can be prohibitive – enough to make you think twice about moving at all.

But there are ways to cut this cost down. One is to have your employees pitch in – if everyone transports their own monitor, for example, you might only need one removal van for the desks and chairs. Another is to choose a managed office where the moving is taken care of for you, so that you don’t have to pay extra for it at all.

You can also take a fresh approach and use this as an opportunity to refresh your office furniture and equipment. Yes, this will cost you more than simply moving it – but you can sell your old furniture, and you will have a fresh new office which does not need replacing for a good long while.

7 tips for starting a business that will succeed

You’ve probably read all of the statistics about startups, and how the majority of them tend to fail. You don’t want to become one of those numbers – of course, you want to succeed as much as possible! So how can you do it? Here are seven tips that you can’t ignore.

1. Have a strategy

Make sure that you have a clear and realistic strategy going into this process. You should have a solid business plan as well as an idea of what you need to do within your first month, six months, and year to stay afloat. Plan for the worst possible scenario – because the best scenario probably won’t happen.

2. Prepare to work hard

The entrepreneurs that succeed don’t do it overnight, and they don’t do it while taking a relaxing holiday. Those who do make it are the ones who are prepared to work evenings, weekends, birthdays, and holidays to get the work done. You will have to work harder than you have ever worked before to get your company off the ground – and you might have to stay that way for several years before things calm down. If you aren’t prepared to do that, you will fail.

3. Have a good team

In the beginning, you might operate as a sole trader. But sooner or later you will need to have a team around you, even if it’s just a good accountant and a PA or receptionist. Make sure that you hire good people, who are reliable, experienced, and eager to work. Hiring the wrong people can be a very costly mistake, especially if they end up harming the reputation of your company.

4. Get a good office or business space

Whether you’re a retail store, an office-based company, or even a production site, you will need a office space to work from. This is essential for meeting clients, working without distractions, and providing a workplace for your team. Make sure that you get the golden combination of a good location with a fair and affordable lease. You don’t want to overstretch yourself too soon – or end up failing because no one can reach you.

5. Be present online

You need a web presence, even if the services you provide are only available in person. The vast majority of consumers are using the internet, and more importantly, using their mobile phones, to make decisions. This means that you need to be there in order to get their attention. At the very least you need a responsive website with your contact details and information about your products or services so consider hiring a digital marketing agency to improve your visibility.

6. Build a following

You also need to be present on social media, ideally before you even launch your business. Claim your profile names early and register your domain name, then focus on serving content that will be interesting to your future customers and building up excitement. Put up a simple landing page on your domain to collect email addresses. When you are ready, list a launch date. On launch you can involve everyone who has already followed and subscribed, guaranteeing far more sales.

7. Listen

It’s important that you listen to customer feedback right from the beginning. They will always tell you where you are going wrong, especially if you ask for it. But you should also listen to what your potential future customers are saying. Read reviews on rival companies and search for relevant terms on social media to find out what they are saying, and react accordingly.

Offices to let near Rainow

If you are searching for your next office space, the area around Rainow is an excellent choice of location. It has the best of both worlds: the proximity of Manchester’s busy commerce hub, combined with the more beautiful surroundings and cheaper rents of the countryside. All this with a healthy heaping of local history makes it a great business base.

Adelphi Mill's locality to Rainow

Adelphi Mill’s locality to Rainow

The area around Rainow is popular with commuters because the transport links, by road or train, are fantastic. It’s easy to head into Manchester, and by extension, it’s also easy for people to come to your business. This means you can expect high footfall at a lower price.


Rainow office opportunities

What you may be extremely interested to learn is that these office spaces near Rainow also offer additional opportunities – great for your future expansion. Because there are lots of different companies all trading inside Adelphi Mill, there are plenty of possibilities in terms of business deals and partnerships. This could take your company to the next level – and you will also see increased footfall from customers who are already going to visit the other businesses.

Office space at Adelphi Mill

View available office space at Adelphi Mill

Inter-tenant trading is also a great way to grow. If your product or service might be used by the other companies around you, or even the individuals who work for them, then you are onto a sure winner. Being part of a community will also do wonders for your employees’ job satisfaction

Amenities at Adelphi Mill

Coming to a managed office building also means taking advantage of lots of amenities that come with the package. While Adelphi Mill may be a Grade II listed cotton mill, that does not mean it is not modern on the inside. The recent multi-million-pound refurbishment has seen to that!

You and your team can access a free parking area, passenger and goods lifts, landscaped grounds which are taken care of year-round, security around the clock, an on-site café and gym which give preferential rates to fellow tenants, and so on.

Saving money, accessing more opportunities, and getting more for your rental fee – with all of these benefits, anyone can see that there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t look at taking up offices to let near Rainow today! Make sure to get in touch with our dedicated team who will be able to advise you on the space we have available to suit your office needs and requirements.

6 quick tips for SME start-ups in 2019

Running your own business is a definite trend for 2019 and beyond, with more and more people seeing the benefits of becoming a freelancer or entrepreneur. With so many people choosing this lifestyle, however, competition is rising fast. How do you make your SME start-up stand out in this climate? Here are six quick tips to ensure that you are not just a flash in the pan.

Have a strong identity

With so many companies out there, you need to be sure that yours is the one that gets remembered. You can do this through consistency in your brand image and identity, making you instantly recognisable. Look at setting up all of your social media profiles to match, using the same colour scheme and fonts on all of your materials, having a tone of voice, and also aligning yourself to a viewpoint. Consumers now want their brands to have opinions – so don’t be afraid to weigh in on big issues.

Be mobile

More customers than ever before are now shopping online through mobile devices. This means that your website needs to be up to date and work well on mobile screens – as well as tablets and laptops. You don’t want to lose a sale because your shopping cart button is too small to press on a smartphone. You must also keep up to date with social media to bring those customers through to your site in the first place.

Get yourself Googled

If customers want something, they are more accustomed than ever before to searching for it. Especially if you provide a physical service, you must be listed on Google Maps – and even for online-based companies, it’s a good idea to get yourself on there. Google will return local businesses first when a certain area or type of company is searched, so this way you can hook more local customers and be more visible.

Look for low rents

Your overheads are a big burden to carry, so make them as low as possible. Finding the most affordable office rent will keep you in business for a lot longer, especially if you are slower to grow than you expected. Even the best-laid business plans may take time to come to fruition, so keep those costs as low as possible while you can.

If you’re looking for office space to rent in the Macclesfield area then why not check out Adelphi Mill?

Stay on trend

What is the latest trend in your industry? If you don’t know the answer confidently, then you aren’t making any waves. Not only should you follow trends, but you should be trying to get out ahead of them. Predictions are made months in advance, and if you are known for always having the next big thing first, it will build a lot of consumer trust.

Collaborate often

One of the best ways for SMEs to grow is by working with one another. Where possible, collaborate with other businesses who share a similar customer demographic. Whether you offer discounts to one another’s customers, create shared products and services, or just advertise each other for referral bonuses, you will be in a great spot. Get involved in your local community, and people are going to remember your name. They will also start to see you as an arbiter of taste, someone whose recommendations can be trusted – and that brings a lot of selling power along with it.

7 tips for moving office this Spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings, so why not use it as a chance to move into a new office space? It will free up room for your business to expand, as well as giving you a whole new lease of life and getting our employees excited. Convinced? Here are seven tips you should follow to ensure that all goes smoothly.

1. Think about the future

Don’t choose an office space which is just as big as you need it to be right now. Go a bit bigger! Try not to spend more than you can afford, but leave room for expansion later. This will allow you to grow your team and add more desks without having to seek another move. It’s even better to find a flexible space where you will be permitted to rent a larger room within the same building later.

2. Avoid hidden fees

Make sure that you talk everything through and avoid any hidden fees which may be lurking. You’re better off going with a company that does not have any hidden fees in the first place, as this way you know that you will be in good hands. Should fees suddenly start getting added to your rental bill, consider aborting the deal and going elsewhere.

3. Make the arrangements

It’s really important that customers can still contact you even during your move. You want to do it with the least disruption possible, so consider getting your new office set up as much as possible before you leave the old one. Change your address on your website and all correspondence early, and get the phone lines changed over as well. They should be ready and waiting on the day you open the new office for the first time.

4. Have a clear out

Moving can be expensive and time-consuming, and each of these factors only increases based on how much you have to take with you. Boxes of files, cabinets, old pieces of furniture and equipment – do you really need all of them? Now is the time to assess that need. Get rid of everything that is not essential and start again. Throw it away or give it to charity, or sell it if it is in good working shape.

5. Change things up

Now is also the time to make big changes in the atmosphere and layout of your office. It could be easy to just set everyone up back the way they are, but is your office at its highest possible efficiency? Move peoples’ desks to pair them up with other workers, consider changing how your departments are arranged, or bring the boss out into the open office. These are all things that can affect how your employees work.

6. Get it done for you

If possible, have it arranged so that the company you are renting from will organise the moving for you. This will help to take a load off your mind and allow you to concentrate on making the transition more smoothly.

7. Location is everything

Finally, remember to think about location before you commit to your new office. Is it going to be easy for all of your employees to travel to the new office? Is there parking on site? Will your customers be able to reach you just as they did before? Could you even find a location which might bring new opportunities, such as inter-tenant trading or higher footfall?

Offices To Let Near Kettleshulme 

Business looking for a new office space will find themselves at home in the area in and around Kettleshulme. This location is close by to the busy commerce city of Manchester, with easy access by train or road, making it a great place to capture both customers and employees.

This is a hugely popular commuter area, which is why the nearby Adelphi Mill is so well-placed. You get the benefit of being near to a great city but with much lower rent, giving you the best of both worlds.

Locality of Adelphi Mill offices to Kettleshulme

Locality of Adelphi Mill offices to Kettleshulme

Save your business money

While Kettleshulme is a small town of just over 350 residents, it is one of many nearby settlements of various sizes. This part of the country is dotted with many such towns and villages which are suitable homes for commuters, who might work in the city but prefer to shop closer to home. That’s one of the reasons why retail or service businesses will find a lot of success at Adelphi Mill, whilst also saving themselves a lot of money.

Paying the exorbitant rates of the city centre is pointless for most companies, as you won’t get as much additional benefit as you expect. This is a great way to go out of business fast! Instead, saving money with the lower rents – as well as lower transport fees, and free parking – available at Adelphi Mill is the smart way forward.

New opportunities in Kettleshulme offices

The office space near Kettleshulme also allows you to find new opportunities which you would not discover elsewhere. Adelphi Mill is home to a large number of companies, all of which present potential business deals and partnerships. You might also be able to sell your services or products to the employees who work in the rest of the building, not to mention the high amount of footfall from customers who are already visiting.

View Available Office Space at Adelphi Mill

View Available Office Space at Adelphi Mill

Inter-tenant trading can offer great potential, and it feels more like being part of a community here in Adelphi Mill. That means that people are more willing to work together, and you will get a higher rate of job satisfaction for your employees thanks to the pleasant working environment.

Adelphi Mill’s amenities and facilities

The other advantage of coming to a managed office facility is the added extras that come along with it. We have plenty of those here at the mill, which has recently undergone a multi-million-pound refurbishment. The inside is now fresh and modern with all the conveniences that you could need, while the exterior remains the grand, impressive Grade II listed cotton mill.

Kettleshulme is also home to another mill, the Lumbhole Mill, which sadly is no longer in use. It has been kept in good working order but is no longer used for commercial purposes. Where Adelphi Mill was a cotton spinning mill, as part of the big fabric trade in this area of the country, Kettleshulme was actually home to candle-wick manufacturers.

Adelphi Mill today contains plenty of amenities that you will enjoy, including both a passenger lift and a goods lift, managed and landscaped grounds, a free car park, 24/7 security, an on-site café for refreshments, a gym with preferential rates for tenants, washing up areas, and plenty of public toilets. This means that you and your customers will always be comfortable while you are on the site.

There are lots of advantages for taking up one of the offices to let near Kettleshulme, especially if you choose Adelphi Mill as your new home. Saving money, getting access to more opportunities, and using great facilities will all get your business off to a flying start.

Refurbished workspaces to let in Stockport

Stockport is a great area for businesses, with a growing hub which is attracting a lot of attention. It’s close by to Manchester, which in itself is a huge commerce centre. However, Stockport and the surrounding area also benefit from lower prices, which makes this a perfect location to set up a new office or warehouse space for your company.

Historic area

Adelphi Mill is set in a historic business area, and was once a functioning cotton mill. The grand and imposing building still retains its original exterior, designed to impress back when the cotton industry was big news here. With close connections to the roads which are still major thoroughfares today, as well as train and bus routes, it’s clear to see that this spot has been popular with businesses for generations.

The Grade II listed building combines the grandeur of days gone by with a spectacular setting that allows you to feel less restrained than a city office. Not only that, but it is also much more affordable – and you can get more space for your money. The interior of the building is now divided into office and warehouse spaces, all of which are available for rent. Many of them have already been snapped up, both by local start-ups or small traders and by big name brands, creating an active community hub which attracts a large amount of footfall on a daily basis.

Tenants benefit from a free, spacious car park, security around the clock, and a number of amenities which are open to the public. These include well-maintained grounds, passenger lifts, a play area for children, and a café for refreshments.

The spaces which are still on offer are sure to impress – and this mill is a lot more modern on the inside than it may appear on the outside.

Impressive refurbishments

The owners of Adelphi Mill have undertaken a multi-million pound restoration and refurbishment of the building. Where once it was all but derelict, now it is a thriving shopping and lifestyle destination for many customers. The workspaces have been updated to include phone and internet services, keypad entry for 24-hour access, and a number of other bonuses which will help you to run your business smoothly.

There are many kinds of business already set up in the corridors of Adelphi Mill. Some are retail spaces, bringing in customers with the attraction of big-name brands and speciality stores. Others are services such as gyms, food and catering, printers, security, and even dental technicians. Then there are the spaces which are home to offices, supporting all manner of businesses from finance and law firms to marketing agencies.

The mill is easy to reach via all kinds of transport links, and you even have the option of bringing in customers or partners via Manchester Airport. You may not even need to go that far, however, as there are plenty of opportunities for inter-tenant trading within the walls of the mill itself. Many of the business owners here are always looking for new opportunities, which means they are happy to discuss deals and cross-promotions to help you raise your profile. You might even find you can get a new supplier from amongst your neighbours!

If you’re interested in snapping up one of the available workspaces in the refurbished Adelphi Mill near Stockport, then don’t wait. You can call to arrange a viewing with a member of the team, or submit an enquiry via the website. These spaces are in high demand, so choose your space soon to avoid missing out!