Offices Macclesfield – The Weave Case Study Coming Soon

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, at Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield we’re going to be featuring one of our tenants on the homepage every 2-4 weeks. There will be no extra charge to Macclesfield office space tenants for being featured and you will be advertised, free of charge, to the thousands of Macclesfield business people who visit our website. Reasons why office space to let tennants will feature on our home page include:

  • New Macclesfield office space to rent tenant who has just moved in.
  • Company growth i.e. hiring new staff for your company
  • Winning new business
  • Expanding into larger Macclesfield office space at the Adelphi Mill

Our first featured tenant is The Weave – Macclesfield, Oriental Carpets and Tribal Interiors, located around the back of the Adelphi Mill offices Macclesfield. We’re in the process of taking photographs in preparation for featuring the Weave on our website.

If you’re an office space to let tenant of Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield and you’d like us to feature your company, please e-mail our website management company Anderson Mann SEO Stockport at

We’re hoping to post our first Macclesfield office space case study next week, so keep your eyes peeled for the new featured office space tenant section coming to the top of the homepage.

Offices Macclesfield – How to Maintain Low prices From Your Electricity Provider

One of our Macclesfield office space tenants recently received a letter from EON, the electricity supplier outlining their new prices for the next year.

When this Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield tenant first moved into the mill he gave both EON and British Gas a quick call for power quotes.It is really important to let each energy supplier know that you’re considering the option of a rival company because once the energy supplier knows you’re talking to a rival company about electricity for your Macclesfield office space they will often offer to beat the other supplier’s quote. In this way, it’s relatively easy to achieve a good price.

Considerations when deciding on your energy provider for your offices in Macclesfield

There are a few things to think about before deciding on a deal.

1. You would be wise to take advantage of your office space storage heaters, which can heat up overnight and arrange a separate night tarrif (lower rate) for these.

2. Will you be using a lot of electricity in your Macclesfield office over all? If you’re a one man band you might want to choose a deal with a lower standing charge but slightly higher costs per killowatt. However, if you’re a two man plus business or you think you’ll be using lots of electricity, then you may be better opting for a higher standing charge and lower unit prices per kilowatt.

Response to the letter our offices Macclesfield tenant received

The letter revealed that the revised electricity prices for year two were to be significantly higher than the great deal in year one.

The offices Macclesfield tenant simply called up EON and expressed his dissatisfaction with the less than competitive prices he’d been given for the second year. EON were then quick to offer up lower prices which, based on the tenant’s usage so far, would actually reduce his bill by around 5% (instead of increase it by the 20% on the initial prices outlined in the letter). The figures were agreed and EON issued a further letter to confirm them.

The moral of the story is that you should always query your revised electricity prices each year to ensure you’re getting the best deal. It only takes 10 minutes and can save you £100s or even thousands in lower bills.

Offices Macclesfield electricity prices benchmark for 2011

10p daily standing charge
8p per kilowatt day rate
5p per kilowatt night rate

Office space to rent in Macclesfield

If you’re looking for office space to let in Macclesfield why not arrange a viewing at Adelphi Mill offices Macclesfield.

Offices Macclesfield – Mill Office Space Tenant? Showcase your business on our website for free

Adelphi Mill’s office space website ( receives 1000s of page views each month from existing tenants, local Macclesfield businesses and businesses further afield.

Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield would like tenants of both the mills to benefit from its popular website – so that’s why we’re allowing companies within the mills to be featured on the website free of charge.

Advertise your company for free on our office space website

As an Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield tenant you will have the opportunity to be advertised for 1-4 weeks in the new ‘featured tenant’ section on the home page of our Offices Macclesfield website ( You will also be given a permanent profile page which tells other tenants and the visitors from outside the mill, in Macclesfield and beyond, all about your business. Your profile page can also include pictures of you and your company and will rank in search engines, such as Google, further increasing your exposure. Furthermore, when you have news, such as a new member of staff, winning a new contract, launching a new product line, simply let us know and we’ll post a news item which tells all the visitors to our website about your news and further publicises your business.

Renting Offices in Macclesfield – Types of Office Space

If you’re looking to rent office space in Macclesfield you will come across three key types of office space providers:

    1. Fully serviced office space providers
    2. Part-serviced offices
    3. Non-serviced offices

    Fully Serviced Office Space to rent Macclesfield

    Fully serviced office space providers give you just that – the full service. You will pay just one bill each month to your Macclesfield office space provider which will include all the services you require.

    Beware of hidden extras from fully serviced providers

    When you receive quotes from fully serviced Macclesfield office providers the initial price will often only include the basics such as office space, lighting, business rates, heating, furniture etc. However, you won’t get very far without services such as broadband, parking spaces, keys. These extras must be purchased through the fully serviced office space provider in most cases. These extras can bump up the price significantly. In our experience broadband from fully serviced office providers can cost £50 per person per month, parking can cost £30-£70 per person per month, and keys can cost £50 per person.

    Part Serviced Office Space to let Macclesfield

    Adelphi Mill Office Macclesfield falls into this category. Your basic services are included in your monthly rent / service charge. We offer extras such as parking and keys free of charge and you have the freedom to choose your own supplier for other services you require such as broadband. You pay the providers directly for these services so we don’t ‘mark them up’ as in the case of fully serviced Macclesfield office providers.

    What’s included

    • Office rent
    • Insurance
    • Car parking for all staff
    • Maintenance of public areas such as toilets, car park, outside of building etc.
    • Security and 24/7 keypad access

    For a comprehensive list of  included services please see our office space facilities page.

    What’s not included

    • Business rates – More information on calculating Business Rates can be found on the Business Link website and on at the website of the Valuation Office Agency VOA. The VOA are an executive agency of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and administer Business Rates. To give you a rough idea of Business Rates, at the time of writing this a 600 Sq Ft office is paying £80 a month in business rates (including Small Business Rates Releif).
    • Phone and broadband – When I last checked, BT was running a deal including broadband, a phone line, 500 minutes of free calls per month for £54 / month.
    • Electricity – you can use your prefered supplier and at the time of writing this article one of our tenants using a modest amount of power is receiving rates of DAY 0.0828 , NIGHT 0.0408 DAILY STANDING CHARGE 0.1466 with EON.
    • Furniture – Most tenants provide their own. However, if required we can often lend you furniture which has been left behind by old tenants.

    Non Serviced Office Space Macclesfield

    Non-serviced office space providers generally charge you for leasing the premises only. You are responsible for everything else, which in many cases includes maintenance of the building itself, running wiring and infrastructure.

    Macclesfield Office Space to Rent – New Smaller 300Sq Ft Offices Under Construction

    Macclesfield office space to rent under 500 Sq Ft

    Offices Macclesfield Third Floor

    The Enterance to the Third Floor of the Adelphi Mill Offices in Macclesfield

    Over at the Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield we’ve been experiencing a strong demand for smaller 300 Sq Ft office space to let in Macclesfield. Building work is currently underway on the creation of three smaller 300 Sq Ft offices on the 3rd floor of the Adelphi Mill to meet this demand.

    All three of these offices feature relaxing views accross the Macclesfield Canal, which runs alongside the Adelphi Mill.  These offices are ideally suited to start-up businesses who want the professionalism of having their own office space without having to invest in larger offices. The new offices are ideally suited to established businesses who only require a smaller base.

    How many people can fit in a 300 Sq Ft Macclesfield office

    Offices Macclesfield Stairs up to the 3rd Floor

    Stairs up to the third Floor of the Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield

    As a very rough guide the 300 Sq Ft offices can potentially accommodate anywhere from 1 person through to 6 depending various factors such as how much furniture you have in the office. However, we strongly recommend you arrange a viewing to see for yourself. As your business grows in size and your require more space, the Adelphi Mill can accommodate this by moving you to a larger office within the Mill. You wouldn’t even need to change your address on your business cards.

    We expect these new 300 Sq Ft offices to rent in Macclesfield to be available during August 2010. Given the popularity of these smaller offices in Macclesfield we strongly urge interested parties to arrange an immediate viewing to avoid disappointment.

    Offices Macclesfield – Launches Tenant Special Offers Page

    Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield has recently launched a new page on sharing exclusive special offers for its Macclesfield tenants.

    We have negotiated some great deals with other Mill office space tenants and local Macclesfield companies which are exclusively available to offices Macclesfield tenants.

    We have received a positive response from office space tenants who are keen on the idea of promoting trade between Adelphi and Clarence Mill tenants, as well as the wider Macclesfield area.

    At the current time we have special offers available in the following categories:

    • Accounts and Bookkeeping
    • Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Solicitors
    • IT Services
    • Promotional Gifts, Diaries & Calendars
    • PAT Testing
    • Health and Well-being

    In the near future we are going to be working on negotiating deals great deals for printing services as printing is something  most of our tenants do regularly. If you’re a local print company you are welcome to contact us in the meantime to discuss further.

    Benefits of working with other companies in our offices in Macclesfield

    Many of our office space tenants can afford to offer better rates to other local companies because of the reduced costs involved in dealing locally. Cost savings include traveling to meetings, transporting goods, and so on.

    If you are a Macclesfield company and you would like to make an offer available to Macclesfield office space tenants at the Adelphi and Clarence Mills, please contact us for more information. Promoting your special offer on our website is free of charge.

    Adelphi Mill and Clarence Mill provide office space to let in Bollington, Macclesfield. For more information please browse the site or contact us.

    Offices Macclesfield Welcomes a Firm of Solicitors as Tenants

    New Macclesfield office space tenant

    Edwards Hoyle Solicitors are a specialist firm of Macclesfield Solicitors with over 30 years experience in helping those injured to recover compensation.

    Edwards Hoyle Solicitors worked with Adelphi Mill staff to customised their new office space to suite their requirements. The alterations included knocking down a wall to create open plan offices as well as plastering the remaining walls and repainting them for an extra modern finish.

    Visit Edwards Hoyle Solicitors for free legal advice on accident claims or refer a friend and receive £350.00 for all accepted cases. Visit Edwards Hoyle Solicitors’ tenant profile to read more about this offer.

    Offices Macclesfield

    Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield provides office space, industrial units and workshops to rent in Bollington, Macclesfield. The business centre is located next to the Macclesfield Canal.

    Free office removals service for new macclesfield office space tenants

    Tenants at the Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield might have noticed a new van in the Macclesfield office car park recently. The van was acquired by Adelphi Mill in order to help new tenants move into their office space in the mill.

    Hiring a office removals firm to transport all your desks and office equipment from your old office to your new one can be expensive. Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield want to make the office move process as quick, cheap and easy as possible, so we’re delighted to be able to offer the office removals service in-house and completely FREE of charge.

    Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield Van

    Free office space removals with our new Adelphi Mill van

    The van has been beautifully branded by one of our office space tenants, Caspa Marketing and it certainly gets attention when it’s driving around the Bollington and Macclesfield area.

    Please contact Adelphi Mill Offices Macclesfield for more information on our free removals service.

    Adelphi Mill Launches New SEO Optimised Website

    We’ve just launched our new SEO optimised website – built by one of our tenants Anderson Mann SEO Macclesfield (Suite F9).

    The website will be kept up-to-date with our latest Macclesfield office space availability. The website will also promote exclusive special offers for businesses within the mill. If your company would like to promote its products and services to other mill tenants why not contact us with a special offer of your own.

    We hope you find our new website interesting and will come back soon.