Things to do in Bollington this Autumn / Winter

Now that the cooler weather is starting to set in, it’s time to find some warmer activities to try. With the kids off school for half term and for the Christmas holidays, families will also be in search of some fun! Here are some great things to do in and around Bollington this season

Happy Potter 

Have you ever tried a bit of pottery? Kids will be tickled by the name alone, and there are classes to try for the whole family. You can make all kinds of pottery gifts, from cups and mugs to models of teddies, pandas, and even Batman. Choose the pot that appeals to you, and get the chance to paint it by hand before putting it in the kiln and waiting for it to be finished. You can take your items home at the end of the day to remember them forever.

Brookside Miniature Railway

The Brookside Garden Centre in Poynton is a great attraction for the whole family, including a railway ride through their beautiful gardens. Afterwards, you can take the time to stroll through their museum, which contains plenty of memorabilia and relics from the railways. Plus there are gift shops, and an aquatic centre, all of which are indoors for your comfort. No shivering here!

Lyme Park

Bundle up with a scarf and gloves to explore the gardens of Lyme Park – these are a beautiful treat to explore. Manicured gardens, neat hedges, and rolling woodlands abound. If it’s raining or too cold to be outside, you can explore the stately home itself instead. The majestic settings give way to an equally majestic home!

Let Loose Soft Play

Kids love a soft play area. Climbing up and down, throwing balls, and generally using up all of their energy – they will have a whale of a time! It’s also good fun for parents, who can sit back in the waiting area with a hot drink and a cake. This is the perfect place to sit for an afternoon, especially if you can meet up with a group of other parents for a get-together. The kids will go wild, and when it’s time to go home, they will be ready for a sleep!

Local walks

The beautiful local walks in and around Bollington are here year-round. Why not wrap up warm and burn off some of the Christmas excess by taking a stroll? There are miles of gorgeous walking trails here, and they vary in difficulty so that there’s something for the most unfit of us. Which we might well all be, come the first week of January – mince pies are hard to shift! If you like more of a challenge, you will find something suitable too. The views can be spectacular!

Shopping at Adelphi Mill

If you’re looking for a day indoors, head to Adelphi Mill. We have a wealth of shops on offer, as well as activity centres, kids classes, and a café on site. This means that there is something to occupy the whole family for the whole day. If you book yourself in to a few classes, you can even pick up some new tricks or improve your fitness during the course of the day! 


AW Muscle & Fitness

Emily and Alex Wilkinson bought the gym in the Adelphi Mill in November 2018, re-branded to AW Muscle and Fitness and made some significant changes. The recent expansion into a new weights room means the gym now boasts a wide range of strength and weight equipment suitable for all members. The new class timetable has been designed to boost motivation, and caters for novices through to avid gym-goers. The gym has plenty of cardio equipment and a large functional training area. There is also a separate spin studio and area for boxing. 

Alex is a Personal Trainer with over 10 years’ experience in the fitness industry. He has worked with many clients of all ages and abilities. His aim is to give his clients the confidence and the skills they need to continue progressing and to meet their personal goals.

Emily is a Nutritionist and Appetite Psychologist, previously working for Nestlé as a Nutrition Specialist, and leading initiatives in health & employee well-being. Emily now works with a number of nutrition clients, both gym members and non-gym members, to improve their diets and eating habits based on their personal goals. 

Café Waterside Clarence Mill

We are passionate about what we do, and we want to serve you with deliciously uncomplicated food, using locally sourced produce, that tastes just great. We are open 7 days a week and have an extensive menu and take-away options to suit all tastes, including freshly baked cakes.

We can also cater for working lunches, buffets and outdoor events, please call us to discuss.

Phone: 01625 575563 cafewaterside/

Commercial Space Macclesfield

If you are in need of new commercial space, Macclesfield has a lot to offer. You are situated just a short distance from the Manchester city centre, a business hub, and with great transport links all around. The Manchester city airport, motorway, train station, and bus routes all connect the two areas, making it simple for your employees to get to work and customers to visit your business. 

Adelphi Mill has lots of available commercial space near Macclesfield, with the perfect combination of a great location with lower rent than you would pay in the city. On the map here, you can see just how close Adelphi Mill is to Macclesfield – and to Manchester itself.

commercial space macclesfield

View commercial space Macclesfield at The Adelphi Mill

The level of commercial space on offer at Adelphi Mill is very high, a fact that we pride ourselves on after a complete refurbishment of the interior. Here’s why you should be looking at Macclesfield for your business needs.

Office Space Macclesfield Could Save You Money

Macclesfield is becoming a real business hub itself, and is a great place to set up a new company or expand an existing one. There are lots of opportunities here for inter-tenant trading and partnerships, and there are plenty of shoppers already waiting to explore your business.

This makes Macclesfield a great choice for commercial space, and the added cherry on top is the price. Because you are outside of Manchester city centre, the rent is much lower and you can get a fantastic deal. On the other hand, you still get a lot of benefits from the location – the proximity to Manchester means that not only are you well-placed to find new clients, but investors and traders looking for suppliers are actually attracted to this area of the country more than others.

Sadly, many companies that try to set up in Manchester city centre tend to fail because they can’t keep up with the exorbitantly high rent and business rates. In Macclesfield, you have a much better chance of staying the distance.

Macclesfield’s Commercial Space Offers Opportunities

There are plenty of business groups and organisations set up in Macclesfield and the Greater Manchester area. Joining these gives you the chance to network and create new opportunities for your business, such as trading partnerships and cross-promotion.

Sharing a space like Adelphi Mill with other tenants is also a great way to kick-start your business. You may even find that you have potential customers amongst the business owners and employees who are your neighbours. You can also create packages together which will allow you both to make more money – for example, a graphic designer and a printer could team up, creating a deal to design and print flyers at an appealing price.

This is also such a huge area for business right now that a lot of money is moving in the direction of Manchester – which means that growth could be a lot easier for you.

Adelphi Mill Commercial Space Has No Hidden Costs

The great thing about our services is that we give you the full cost up-front, which is not the case with all managed spaces. Adelphi Mill has some of the best commercial space Macclesfield has to offer, and all at such a low price that you will wonder if it’s real – but it is! 

There is no extra charge for parking in our car park, which is open to your staff and customers. We have security on watch around the clock, and we don’t charge extra for the cleaning staff or maintenance of the grounds. We do have some optional extras – like helping you to move into your new commercial space and set everything up – which are priced additionally, because we know that not everyone is keen to use these services.

With nothing hidden in the contract and a multi-million pound makeover ensuring that Adelphi Mill looks its best, you will soon discover that you can trust in our spaces. This will save you a lot of money in the long run over venues that add additional charges like car parking without warning.



5 tips when looking for office space online

Looking for office space can be a long and arduous process. Whether you are looking for your first office, or wanting to relocate from an existing space, there is a lot of work to be done. These five tips will ensure that you get to the best listings online quicker, as well as finding an office which suits you perfectly.

View available office space online at The Adelphi Mill, Macclesfield

View available office space online at The Adelphi Mill, Macclesfield

1. Widen your search

Don’t just look in a city centre or a specific location. You will often be surprised to find much better deals in a slightly wider area, without having to give up the advantages of the location. Cities like Manchester can be so sprawling and spread out that there are great opportunities on the outskirts which would not show up in a search based on the city centre.

2. Look outside of aggregate listings

There are plenty of websites out there which aggregate listings from different real estate agents and put them all in one place. These are great, but they don’t give you the full picture.

There are often lots of opportunities which are not listed on those sites, and you can get better deals in some cases by going direct to the company that manages a serviced office. This is something to think about if you want the best price for a great office space.

3. Read the small print

Some office spaces come with a whole host of hidden fees and extras. Make sure that you read their listing and their website carefully. What is included in the price that they are quoting you? Do you have to pay extra for bills, a phone line, internet, parking at the site, and so on? Can you get in after hours? Is security provided for you?

4. Check online reviews

What are current tenants saying about the office space, or the company offering it? Make sure you see what people have to say. If the reviews are positive, you can have more confidence in this being a good office space for you. If they aren’t, you might have to think more carefully.

5. Get out of your chair

Looking online is great in terms of convenience and speed. You can put together a shortlist of office spaces in a matter of hours, even with a wide search area. But when it comes down to making your choice as to which space you should go with, you need to get out of your chair and go see them.

There are things you won’t know until you get there. Do the images reflect the reality? What’s the access like? How friendly are the staff you will see as you move through the building to your office space? Book a tour of the office so that you can answer these questions before making a final decision.


Choosing an office space is no small task, so take it seriously. Using these tips will guarantee you a better chance at getting a space that works for you.

Beautiful designer office space within Adelphi Mill

The Aesthetics Studio – A Beautiful Work space by one of our tenants

An example of one of our Chimney Entrance offices at The Adelphi Mill, Bollington.

About – The Aesthetics Studio

The Aesthetics Studio Cheshire specialising in Non Surgical cosmetic treatments and based in the beautiful village of Bollington.

The studio which is located within The Adelphi Mill, a prestigious Grade II listed former cotton mill set alongside the Macclesfield canal is a clean and welcoming studio with a relaxed atmosphere for all your beauty and aesthetics treatments.

Founded and owned by Donna Parker, fully qualified in a whole range of beauty treatments, Donna is also a fully qualified Aesthetics Practitioner,  Spmu Artist and Plasma Lift Technician.

Donna is continuously updating her skills to offer her clients the best treatments with maximum results.

The Aesthetics Studios aim is to make each and every client – simply beautiful .

View more of our available office space here.

Get in touch with The Aesthetics Studio here: 


How to run an office on a low budget

Running an office can be a challenge at the best of times, but doing it on a tight budget isn’t a lot of fun at all. There are ways to make it more manageable, however, so that you can take control and make the most of your finances. Try these tips to improve your situation immediately.

1. Mind the pennies

There are a lot of things you might do around the office that only cost pennies – but all of those pennies add up. Mind the pennies, so the saying goes, and the pounds will look after themselves.

View available office space at The Adelphi Mill

View available office space at The Adelphi Mill

 Make sure that any electronics not in use are turned off – including the lights and the air con. Shut everything down at the end of the work day. Discourage your employees from using the printer unless it is absolutely necessary. This is all great for the environment as well, which is a huge bonus – and also an excuse, if you aren’t comfortable with letting everybody know that your budget is stretched thin.

2. Find a sensible space

Office space rent is going to be one of the biggest overheads your company has to deal with. Keeping that in mind, this is also the area where you can make some of the biggest savings.

Don’t be tempted to put your office in the centre of a city, where the rates are exorbitantly high for only small rewards. Go out of the city to a smaller commerce hub, and try managed offices. These help keep costs down by the fact that a lot of things are covered in the same price: maintenance, care of the grounds and outer building, and customer facilities, for example.

3. Cut down the luxuries

There are some things you might think are essential to your company culture. These might be the tradition of buying your employees cakes on their birthdays, leaving lots of snacks for people to take in the break room whenever they want them, and having coffee on demand for free.

But if you cut down your luxuries, you will see big savings coming in. Instead of the company buying a cake, you could encourage employees to chip in for one another – or supply cheaper party food. Buy fresh fruit in bulk for pennies rather than more expensive snacks. Switch to a cheaper coffee brand. Your employees will be thankful for the fact that they keep their salaries as a result.

4. Ask for creativity

In any business, there will be areas where you can cut down costs. Who knows where to find them? Likely the very employees who work in each area. Ask them directly for creative ideas on where you can save money, and what they think should be an area for cuts. You might be surprised at what they can come up with!


Cutting your costs is essential for keeping inside a low budget, and it’s never easy. But once you are on track, you’ll be able to continue in a much more comfortable position.

5 tips on keeping office space costs down

Office space is one of the biggest expenses that most companies have to face. Renting the physical space as well as paying business rates and taxes, bills, and so on – it’s a lot to deal with. So how do you keep those overheads down? These five tips will have you saving more than you think.

View available office space at The Adelphi Mill

View available office space at The Adelphi Mill

1. Move out of the city

Office space is always more expensive when you are in a city centre, especially when it’s a big city. In fact, even in smaller towns you can pay a premium rate for the benefit of being on the high street – which may not even suit your business needs. In almost all circumstances, it’s better to go for an office which is out of the city and somewhere on the outskirts instead. Of course, you must make sure your office is still easily accessible.

2. Go for a managed office

A managed office is a lot less hassle for you in terms of maintenance. Usually, the building and the grounds will be maintained by the management team, and you may even have a deal where your bills are rolled into your rental contract. This means that you will pay less overall whilst still getting great service and a space that looks great for any visitors.

3. Find a flexible space

Going for an office which is too big could cripple you in terms of the outgoing rent, but getting an office which is exactly the right size will stifle your growth. Go for a space which has more flexibility attached, allowing you to expand and upgrade your contract whenever you are ready to. A managed building is perfect for this as there are often larger spaces or add-ons available.

4. Go eco-friendly

The great thing about eco-friendly materials and appliances is that they can also save your bills. Use light bulbs which require less energy and think about ways in which you can be more efficient throughout the rest of the office. Having a no-print policy except in essential situations can save you a lot of money on paper, toner, and printer maintenance, for example – whilst also saving the trees.

5. Encourage flexible working

Can any of your team work from home? If so, then why don’t they? Having certain people working on a remote basis, or only coming into the office on certain days and at certain times, can save you a lot of money. You won’t need as much desk space, and you’ll save on your electricity bills for sure. Plus, your employees will probably be happier with the arrangement!


Saving money on your office space is essential if you want to improve your company’s bottom line. Make sure that you aren’t paying too much for no good reason – it’s so easy to save cash in a number of different areas, so there’s no excuse! These tips should help you cut back a huge amount for a start.

7 tips on moving office premises this summer

Moving offices is always stressful, and can involve a lot of moving parts. If you’re facing this dreaded task this summer, then follow our seven tips to take away some of the pain – and even make it an enjoyable process.

1. Consider location and rates

The choice of a new office is always hinged on two major points: the location, and the rates. Too good of a location, and you might not be able to afford the rates. Too good rates, and you might find yourself in the middle of nowhere.

The best solution is one that gives you a good result in both worlds. Adelphi Mill is ideally situated just outside of Manchester, which means we have excellent transport links as well as low rates.

2. Choose a low-volume time

When is your office at its quietest? That’s the time when you should be moving office. It might be something that you can narrow down to a specific week, or it might just be a case of picking a day of the week that will work better. Moving with the least possible disruption is key for keeping your business running smoothly.

3. Consider your employees

A change of venue can be hard for your employees. Make sure to consult with them beforehand. Do they still feel able to travel easily to work? Could they benefit from a more flexible working plan so that they do not have to travel so far every day? You may even find some employees have been anxious about the move, and you can reassure them ahead of time if you talk with them.

4. Get the move done for you

Having a firm come in and move your office for you will take a lot of the stress out of it. If you’re lucky, your new managed office will offer free moving services!

5. Change your address early

Make sure that you update your address on your website ahead of time, update your Google Maps listing, and let relevant clients or partners know of the change. If you leave it too late, important post will still be going to your old address, causing delays.

6. Use the opportunity

This is a great chance to get rid of the things you don’t need or are too old to function properly, and replace them. Whether that means old files, furniture, or equipment, don’t bother moving it if it isn’t worth it.

7. Invest in new design

How is your office layout working for you? Now is a great time to invest in office design and make sure that everything is set up as well as possible. Your layout can affect productivity, employee satisfaction, and more, so it’s important to focus on it.


With these tips in your mind, you should be able to see better results from your office relocation. Don’t let things get away from you – set up a plan as soon as possible so that everything is under control!

6 things to do in Bollington this Summer

This summer, make sure that you make the most of the opportunities in offer in Bollington. Whether you are going solo, spending days out with the family, or looking for a romantic getaway, you will find an activity that will make your summer special. Here are our top six things to do this year!

1. Take a walk by picturesque canals

The canals in Bollington are a beautiful area, and often wind their way through the historic areas between buildings that date back to Victorian times and earlier. Keep following them into wider green spaces, and watch vessels navigating these courses and managing the locks.

2. Visit historic Adelphi Mill

Adelphi Mill is more than just a historic mill, though of course it still retains that majesty. There’s a lot to do once you step inside, from shopping with retail brands to getting fit, and from stopping for lunch to getting consultations with various service-based businesses. There’s a lot going on here, so stop by on a free day to make the most of it!

3. Take a brewery tour

Bollington Brewery Co. Ltd is open for business and also open for tours. Seeing how your favourite tipples are made is always fun, and you will of course get the chance to sample some of it for yourself as part of the tour. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop, which is great for picking up presents for birthdays and Christmas.

4. Get on the water

If your walk by the canal is fun, why not get on the water yourself? There are boat tours available for those who want to be driven along, or you can even take the captain’s chair yourself. If you don’t want to go by boat, you could also rent a bike for a tour along the canal side.

5. Enjoy the arts

Bollington Arts Centre has a plethora of activities and events on offer for absolutely anyone, from music to painting and from group activities to tuition. If you are interested in the arts in any way – even if just to have some fun with the kids for a day – then you can’t miss this venue. You can find a full schedule of their events and workshops by checking them out online.

6. Pick p some local wares

Northern Makes is a great place to go if you want to support local craftspeople and encourage some dying arts. Handmade goods are on offer, such as jewellery, ceramics, homewares, art, and lighting solutions. By the time you visit, they will probably have added even more to the list. Even if you don’t make a purchase, it’s a fun place to see masters at work!


There’s so much going on in Bollington, so keep your eye out for announcements about fun local events. These can range from craft fairs to charity fun runs, with something for the whole family. Staying active in the local community means you don’t miss out on anything exciting!