Bollington BikeFest September

Bollington BikeFest is returning for the sixth year in a row, and will be setting off from Adelphi Mill once again.

This charity bike ride will bring around 300 riders to race across three different routes, cycling to raise money for some fantastic causes.

Riding for charity

The main beneficiary of the event is the East Cheshire Hospice. There are a number of other good causes which will also benefit from the proceeds, which will be raised from entry fees.

Setting off from Adelphi Mill on the 3rd September 2017, the cyclist will enjoy friendly competition, a chance to ride with a large group of others, and the knowledge that they are benefitting those in need.

The ride has been organised in association with British Cycling, Macclesfield and District Lions Club, Bollington Town Council, and Girl Guiding UK Cheshire Border. It is sponsored by The Cooperative, ITG Group,, and The Bollington Brewing Co.

How to enter

There are three different routes to consider if you want to take part in the ride. These are the Grimshaw Grueller, The Bolly Bash, and Twenty is Plenty.

The entry fee is £20 if you want to take part in the Grueller or the Bash, while Twenty is Plenty is available at a reduced price of £20. There was an early bird discount for previous registrants but the fee is now up to full price.

Registration for the Bash starts at 7.30am on the day, while registration for Twenty starts at 9am, so you will need to get yourself into position before it is time to set off.

If you need any extra information or you want to register, you can head to the official BikeFest website. You can also book your place by post if this is easier for you.

4 must go to events this summer in Bollington

With the summer in full swing, it’s time to get out and enjoy the sunshine while we have it. These are the top 4 events that you can’t miss in Bollington before the summer is over!

Bollington Beer Festival

This annual beer festival is back for the sixth time, promising a great day or night out for all. Held in the Bollington Arts Centre, it’s easy to access and showcases craft ales and ciders of the best quality from all around the area. Live music will be played and street food is on offer too, all coming together to create a fantastic atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

It costs £7.50 per person per session, of which there are three during the festival. These are as follows:

  • Session 1: Friday 21st July – 6pm to 11pm
  • Session 2: Saturday 22nd July – 12 noon to 5pm
  • Session 3: Saturday 22nd July – 6pm to 11pm

Teggs Nose Butterfly Walk

This one is essential for families looking to occupy their little ones. A family wildlife walk is organised around the top of the Tegg’s Nose Country Park, during which you will hunt for the resident butterfly species. Your guide will teach the children more about them, and everyone will be on the lookout for the rare local Wall butterfly. If you want to attend, you must book in advance as spaces are limited. It costs £3 for adults, while children 16 or under go free. It’s recommended to wear clothing which is suitable for walking on nature trails as well as coping with whatever the weather may be like!

This year the Butterfly Walk will be taking place on the 5th August, between 11am and 1pm. Make sure to head to the website if you want to book.

Love Bollington Market

Found under the hashtag #LoveBollingtonMarket, this event is an exciting new food and artisan market in Bollington at Ovenhouse Farm. It takes place on the second Sunday in each month, so the upcoming summer dates are as follows:

  • August 13th
  • September 10th

The market runs from 11am to 3pm, so make sure you get down there to pick up a locally-made lunch. There are over 35 confirmed stalls, as well as pop-stores and events which appear from time to time.

Bollin Valley Walks – The Source

Feeling active? This strenuous walk will keep you fit! Taking place on the 3rd September between 11am and 2pm, it’s a 5 mile trek from Tegg’s Nose Country Park into Macclesfield Forest. You will explore the source and upper reaches of the River Bollin. Adults must pay £4 in advance, while children 16 or under go free – but booking is still essential. Children must be with an adult for the walk.

There are so many great events happening in the local area all summer long, and these are just a quick highlight of the things you can get up to. Take advantage of tickets while they are available!

HBC Group Tenant Study

One of our tenants who we are proud to introduce is the HBC Group, a collection of companies which has a range of experience to do with wind farms. They have a wealth of knowledge regarding wind farms across Europe, and work with them both topside and underwater.

Who are they?

The HBC Group covers several different companies. These include HBC Offshore Solutions, and Hyperbaric Consult. Both of these companies now hold their office space within Adelphi Mill. Their experience with wind farms is huge, and covers a vast area of Europe. They have worked in the UK, off the Netherlands, off and in Denmark, and in a number of other locations. You can see a handy map on their website which details their past and present projects so that you can see how far their work has spread.

They also have a fleet of four vessels which are specially equipped to help in their work. These are the HBC Achiever, HBC Supporter, HBC Performer, and HBC Tender.

What do they do?

They are involved at all levels of wind farm maintenance and management. Their offshore solutions include rigging, construction, cable testing, cable termination, confined space work, and generator management. Their hyperbaric work includes diving, subsea inspections, subsea construction, subsea installation, subsea maintenance, confined space diving, surveying, and ROV work.

They can support their clients topside during construction, prior to construction, and with operation and maintenance later on. They also carry out IMR, or Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair work. This helps to keep the wind farms in good condition after they have been built. Their services in this area include cleaning services during inspections, to ensure that the wind farm is sanitised on a regular basis.

What are they up to?

If you want to keep up with what they are working on at the moment, you can find plenty of details on their news page. This is also where they make announcements, so you can check back there regularly if you want to know what is going on.

One of their big achievements for 2017 is that they have been re-awarded the UK Subsea Inspection Campaign across DONG Energy’s wind farms. They are also currently aiding with the installation of array cables on the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm project.

How can I contact them?

If you are in need of their services, or even thinking about working with them, you can easily get in touch in a number of ways. One is to use their website to send a contact form, which will then get you a response via email. You can also call them directly if you have something to discuss.

Alternatively, you can pop in to visit them at Adelphi Mill. Their offices are inside our complex and are easy to get to, with a passenger lift available.


I Am Print new website launch and exhibition demonstration day

I Am Print, one of our tenants here at Adelphi Mill, have launched a brand new website.

The web makeover will coincide with an exhibition open day, allowing customers to see their exhibition range up close and personal. Visit website.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 11.13.40

New ordering capabilities

The I Am Print website relaunch will include a great new range of options to interact with the company. The biggest change is the chance to start ordering online with the company, something which was not previously available!

Everyone who visits their open days, which you can find out more about below, or registers their interest on the website will be entered into a prize draw. The grand prizes are £100 and £50 vouchers for Amazon.

I Am Print have been in business since 1990 and have seen a lot of changes and upgrades since that time. For over 23 years they have remained at the forefront of the latest developments in digital print. Their Macclesfield location means that they are perfectly situated to service plenty of local businesses, and they were the first digital print company to be founded in this area.

They can deliver their finished products both nationally and internationally, so don’t worry about ordering from further afield. You can visit them in person at Adelphi Mill if you want to discuss an order in more depth, or just speak to them online or over the phone.

August open day – FREE EVENT

There will be open days held all throughout August, giving customers the chance to see samples of the work that I Am Print have produced in the past. You will also be able to test out their roll up systems range, twist systems, and pop up displays to see whether they would work for your business.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 11.16.07

It’s a real chance to try before you buy. You can explore how all of their banners work before you make the purchase, and learn how to put them up and take them down in the quickest possible time. If you’re looking to use their printed advertising systems at a trade show or event, this will get you show-ready in no time.

They will also be displaying floor graphics, magnetic displays, flags, outdoor display systems, and even wallpaper, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Get in touch now to let them know what you are interested in seeing and if they haven’t already planned it out, it will be included in the open day on your recommendation.

If you would like to go down and see it, make sure to book now to avoid missing out.

I Am Print are not just about banner printing, so make sure that you check out their website to see more of what they can do. They are capable of producing stationary, business cards, posters, folders, flyers, and leaflets, amongst other specialist products. Give them a try next time you need something printed up – you will find unbeatable friendly service with a quick turnaround on all orders.

Tenant Case Study: Aerofoil Energy Limited

At Adelphi Mill, we have a large range of tenants who take up residence in our office and warehouse spaces. It’s great to see the diversity of industries that they cover, and Aerofoil Energy Limited are a great example of this. They have taken up residence in Suite F2.1 on the 1st Floor of the main Adelphi Mill building, so let’s find out a little bit more about who they are and what they do.

Who they are

This award-winning British tech start-up is partnered with Williams Advanced Engineering to provide top quality work. They’re very passionate about energy and sustainability, and their main concern is to tackle one of the UK’s biggest energy problems. Around 4% of all the energy used in the UK actually goes towards powering refrigerated units, believe it or not! 60% of that is wasted because it is simply used to cool the air which then disappears into the supermarket aisle due to the current design of refrigeration units. Paul McAndrew came up with the idea of using Aerofoils to save energy in 2013, and since then, the business has grown to a real force in UK energy.

What they do

Aerofoil Energy’s tagline is, “the alternative solution to multideck glass doors”. They add Aerofoils inside refrigeration units, of the sort that are used by supermarkets and shops all across the UK. These new and improved units waste a lot less energy and are far more efficient at cooling the contents of the refrigerator down. They even make the supermarket aisles warmer, which is great for cold shoppers!

If you’re interested in the technology that they supply, make sure to get in touch with them via their website – or just come on down to Adelphi Mill for a visit!


Tenant Case Study: Netstable

When we look at our list of tenants at Adelphi Mill, we can’t help but be proud of the diverse range of British and international businesses that we have within our building. One of the tenants which you may have heard of before is Netstable, particularly since they supply their services to many of the other tenants around them. Here’s a little more about this thriving business.

Who they are

Netstable is powered by Gumpo, and they were set up to provide business broadband in Macclesfield. They saw that there was a problem in the fact that businesses in the area were only able to get low-speed broadband, and also had to put up with paying big prices. Seeing a gap in the market, they decided to step in – and though they currently service only a specific area, they have big plans to carry on with their expansion soon.

What they do

Netstable provide business broadband in several areas, the main two being Adelphi Mill and Clarence Mill. Because they are based inside Adelphi Mill, fellow tenants here may also be able to get a preferential rate for their broadband services – so if you are considering renting an office space with us, this is all the more reason to do so! They will also soon be expanding to Waters Green House, Brunswick Mill, and Sunderland House. They provide business broadband, which means there is less traffic on it as well as better optimisation, so you can enjoy faster browsing speeds. They also provide static IP addresses and can offer preferential rates for a VOIP connection and call forwarding.

If you’re interested in using their broadband services in Bollington or Macclesfield, be sure to get in touch via their website or in person at Adelphi Mill!

7 essential tips for new business success

Many new businesses fail within the first year, and fewer still manage to make it through the first five. If you want to succeed, then you need to do everything right – and also rely on a bit of luck. Here are some essential tips which will lead the way to that success for a new business.

1. Have a strong product or service

If what you are selling does not appeal to anyone, then you are not likely to be able to sell it, no matter how good your marketing is. This is the first essential thing to figure out.  Your product or service must serve as a solution for a pain point that your customer has. Let’s take the example of an already successful brand, such as Apple. When they launched the iPod, the pain point was not being able to listen to music easily without carrying lots of CDs around. The iPod solved that, and became a worldwide hit.

2. Know your customer

In order to sell to your customer, you need to know who they are. This involves figuring out who your pain point applies to. Let’s take the iPod example: one type of customer who wanted to be able to listen to music easily was a gym-goer. They wanted to listen to music while running or doing exercises. You might remember that Apple released plenty of adverts showing graphics of people running while wearing iPod headphones. You can also target your customer more easily when you know who they are. To get a gym-goer on board, you can put adverts in gyms, on Facebook groups and Instagram pages dedicated to fitness, and on fitness websites.

3. Set up your base

An office is the base of any successful start-up. Even if you are a sole trader, having that office space will make you more professional and give you access to better opportunities. The more professional you look to your potential clients, the better – especially when you don’t have years of experience or lots of customer testimonials under your belt. An office also gives you a base of operations where you can get into the right frame of mind to work – and gives you room for expanding your team as and when you need to.

4. Be web-friendly

SEO is one of the most important things for a company to keep in mind these days. If customers can’t find you online, they probably won’t buy from you – and that goes for physical businesses, too. Your website is your portal to your customers, and it must be showing up high in search results for the products or services that you sell. It also has to be easy to navigate and understand, so people can see what you’re about easily.

5. Be mobile-friendly

If there’s one thing more important than having a website in the first place, it’s making sure that it works on mobile. A responsive design – one that works both on mobile and on computer with minimal disruption – is essential. Most web users these days are accessing the internet via their smartphones, so if you aren’t catering to them, you could be losing half of your audience in one fell swoop.

6. Keep innovating

Once you have a great product and the customers start coming in, it’s not enough to stand still. You have to keep moving. Listen to your customers and what they are saying. Do they have any other pain points you could incorporate into your product? Do they have any suggestions for how to improve? How about new products that you could bring forward? Always be thinking of the next thing.

7. Use influencers

Marketing these days is almost universally centred on social media. If you don’t have the followers and the coverage, you probably aren’t going to sell very much. So how do you get your brand discovered? By using social influencers. These are people with a large following, all of whom trust their views. Send them a sample to review and watch the word spread like wildfire.


5 things to think about when relocating your business

Relocating your business is a serious undertaking, and should be approached as such. There are a lot of things to consider, but these 5 are the most important. Make sure that you think about them before taking any action, such as signing the lease or booking your move.

1. Finding a strong location

This is one of the most important things. You need to be in a good place to boost your business, ensuring that you get a lot of customers as well as having an authoritative position. Being near a big city is a good bet, but the rent can often be prohibitively high in the city centre. Business is often conducted on the outskirts instead, so you can find a place where transport links are good and access to the city centre is easy without being right in the centre yourself. This kind of location shows that you are right in the heart of things, and that you are available to do big business. You can also get more attention to your company because of that strong location.

Office space at Adelphi Mill

Location of offices is key to any business

2. Choosing the right office provider

Having the right office provider can have a huge impact on your business. You want somewhere where everyone can park for free, and access is easy. You want to share your building with other companies so that your office is connected with other businesses. This will help you to find more clients – whether they are B2B, B2C with individuals working in your building, or B2C with customers who are visiting other businesses and happen to discover yours. You want to ensure that you are aware of all costs upfront, and that you have the freedom to expand in the future if you need to. Being around reputable businesses is also a good sign: if they like the office provider, chances are that they will be well suited to you as well.

*Looking for offices in the Macclesfield area?*

3. Bringing your staff with you

Before you make a big move, consider your staff. If you are a small business owner and just have yourself at the present moment, it’s an ideal time to move. When other people are involved, you may end up having to let staff go if they can’t move with you. Discuss with them how a move would make an impact. Would they be unable to change because of their home situation, the area that they live, or their transport situation? Don’t assume everyone will be happy with your choice until you have spoken to them first. If you do need to let someone go, start recruiting immediately so that you can fill the gap as soon as you move.

4. Updating your website

SEO is very important to getting your business featured in search results, and it can be affected by changes to your website. Make sure that you change your online address as soon as you have confirmed the move. This will give you the few weeks you may need for your search position to bounce back after the update. It’s very important to keep your location details current, so don’t opt for not changing them to keep that position high. Just plan to do it before you move, so that you are back on top of the results once you settle in to the new office.

5. Planning the move carefully

If you can get your office move done in one day, then your business will be in the best possible position. You won’t be wasting any time or having to delay projects and services because of the move. Plan carefully so that everything can be done in one go. Make sure that your lease is up after you move so you don’t have to shut down temporarily or move to a storage space for a while. Get all hands on deck, as many hands make light work. This should ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Once you have followed all of these steps, you should be ready to relocate your business with the least possible disruption and the best results. Then you’ll be ready to start trading from your new location with the smoothest transition you could hope for!

Easter offers on small business offices at Adelphi mill

Offices for Easter

Getting a great deal on your office space is easy this Easter. Adelphi Mill has spaces going for just £23 per week, an amazing price that you will not match anywhere in this region for the quality provided. The office spaces are available for immediate viewing, and of course spaces are limited, so make sure to book as soon as you can if you don’t want to miss out. The multi-million pound refurbishment which took place here means that all of the offices are in tip-top condition, with stylish laminate flooring throughout to keep your office feeling professional. You will soon see just what Adelphi Mill has to offer – and the fantastic office spaces are only the tip of the iceberg.

Office space at Adelphi Mill

View available office space this Easter at Adelphi Mill

This offer is sure to be popular and will be snapped up quickly, so if you are thinking about a change, get in touch with us as soon as possible. We’d love to show you around and help you to understand whether or not Adelphi Mill is the right space for you. We’re sure that you will like what you see!

A fantastic choice

Wondering why you should choose to look around Adelphi Mill, rather than seeking office space elsewhere? Here are a few reasons to think about:

  • Conveniently close to city centre and other landmarks, such as the Manchester Airport.
  • Nearby towns and cities include Macclesfield, Stockport, Manchester, and more.
  • In a well-established area for business, with a history dating back hundreds of years.
  • No hidden costs. The fee we present you with upfront, from £23 a week, includes everything you need to pay – including parking, your keys, and so on.
  • Optional extras are available such as a moving service to get you into your new space in no time at all, and without disruption to your workforce if you are moving from existing premises.
  • Free on-site parking means that no matter who comes to visit you, they will be able to easily – whether they are clients, customers, or business partners.
  • Historic mill setting is very impressive and gives a professional sense to your business for any visitors.
  • Fully equipped gym on site which tenants can use for cheaper, perfect for lunch breaks or some after-work stress busting.
  • Café and restaurant open on weekdays on the first floor, which is perfect for lunch meetings and snacks throughout the day.
  • Catering is available for meetings from the same facilities.
  • Various shapes and sizes of offices available, giving you plenty of options to choose from.
  • Flexibility in terms of expansion, so that you can keep your business growing at a steady rate whenever you need to.
  • Huge refurbishment gives a modern and professional feel to the interior of the building.
  • Facilities such as lifts and public toilets are free to use as part of your tenancy.
  • Fellow tenants may present B2B opportunities or become your customers on a personal level.
  • Sharing the space with other tenants also means that you can enjoy increased footfall to the building, giving you more opportunities to be discovered.


If this all sounds good to you, book a viewing at your own convenience. There’s plenty to like at Adelphi Mill, for small businesses and even sole traders.

6 facts you probably didn’t know about Bollington

Bollington has a lot to offer – even more than you might think. Even if you live here, you might not know everything that there is to know about this town. Here are 6 facts you might just be learning for the first time!

Macclesfield canal

1. It used to be a cotton spinning centre

Back during the 19th and 20th centuries, Bollington was firmly on the map as a major centre for cotton spinning. The finest cotton in the world was spun in Waterhouse Mill, though it no longer exists. It once fuelled the lace making industry from Nottingham to Brussels. Adelphi Mill was one of the mills built during this time, in 1856.

2. There’s no police

There isn’t actually a police station in Bollington, although there is a fire station. The policing in the local area is provided instead by the Cheshire Constabulary. In true British fashion, although there may be no police, there are over a dozen traditional pubs! There’s also no hospital, although there is a medical practice on the outskirts of town.

3. There’s an exclusive bowling green

There’s a big bowling green in town, but there’s another hidden green that you might not know about. This is situated in Ingersley Vale and is reserved for the exclusive use of employees from Tullis Russell Coatings. Those who used to work for the company but have now retired are also allowed to use it. The more you know!

4. There’s a local festival

You might not have spotted it yet even if you have lived here for a few years, as the Bollington Festival only comes around every five or six years. It last for 2 and a half weeks ad is a great source for community activities. One of the things that it launched was Canalside Community Radio, which later transformed into The Thread and gained a full-time license. You can now listen along on 102.8 FM if you are anywhere in the northeast Cheshire area.

5. It has famous residents

There are plenty of famous people who live or have lived in Bollington. One of them is TV’s own David Dickinson, who you may know from Bargain Hunt. There’s also Libby Clegg, a silver medallist at the Paralympics, and professional footballers James Bailey and Ben Amos, all of whom lived in Bollington for part of their lives. If you’re looking for something more intellectual, Sir James Chadwick was born here before going on to prove the existence of neutrons and win a Nobel Prize. The industry here has also spawned some greats, such as print designer Angie Lewin and John Ryle, who was known as the father of the silk industry in the United States after emigrating there.


There’s more to this town than meets the eye, and we haven’t even touched on the history of some famous landmarks here like White Nancy. The more you get to know Happy Valley, the more you find to love about it!