6 tips for managing business overheads near Christmas

Business overheads can be the death of any company – they’re often the unexpected little costs that add up and up, and can end up costing more money than you can make. That’s why it’s so important for business owners to focus on managing their overheads, and ensure that they never get out of control. Here are six tips you’ll need to help navigate the Christmas season.

1. Don’t go mad on the treats

As they get into the festive spirit, it’s common for small business owners to want to rewards their staff and customers with little treats here and there. Whether it’s bringing cakes into the office, handing out free Christmas crackers with every purchase, or just going overboard on gifts for staff, it’s easy for these costs to mount up. Instead, try focusing on small gestures that mean more but cost less – like recognising the people who have done the most for the company all year and presenting them with certificates that you can print off yourself.

2. Close the office

When it gets closer to Christmas, especially on the days directly around the festive dates, it’s often hard for staff to focus. They might even feel like they’re not in work mode at all, and instead celebrate with their colleagues and gossip about presents and Christmas dinners. Save your heating bills and your electricity by shutting the office for a few days. You can make these dates mandatory holiday, so that you don’t have to worry about it annually from now on.

3. Be heat smart

How much does it cost to heat your building? Be smart about it, and make sure that no heat is escaping through open doors and windows. If customers have a habit of leaving the shop door open, make sure your staff are instructed to close it as quickly as possible! Consider using space heaters instead of old, inefficient heating systems that came with your building. This could save you a lot over the whole of the winter.

4. Sell old stock

If you pay for warehousing to store goods, now is the time to really get rid of some old stock. Hold a massive sale just before Christmas to get ahead of other retailers, whose sales will normally begin on the day after Christmas. Use this chance to get rid of as much stock as possible, and you might be able to reduce the size of your storage – saving you money month on month for the future. If your storage isn’t flexible, you can save there too by switching!

5. Analyse sales figures

When are your traditionally busiest days? When are your traditionally slowest? Use sales figures from previous years to analyse when you should have all hands on deck, and when you should send some of your staff home. This is especially helpful in a retail store with a rota, so that you can operate the shop with a skeleton crew during slow days.

6. Look for deals

Around Christmas, many companies will put on big sales. This might include the software company you subscribe to, the factory that makes your staff uniforms on wholesale, the supply chain businesses where you source your stock, and so on. This time of year is a great time to look at your current overheads and see if someone or something else can serve you for cheaper.

Make sure you always think carefully about your overheads around Christmas. It’s so important to save on costs where possible, so you can continue to trade into the new year and beyond.

5 things to see and do in Bollington this winter

1. Macclesfield Canal nature walk

If you don’t spend much time outside in the winter, you’re missing out. It might be cold, but wrap up warm in a coat and gloves and get yourself down to the Macclesfield Canal. There’s a great nature walk alongside it which not only shows you that nature really does still thrive in the winter, but also takes you past some of the great historic sites of Macclesfield. The city was built around the canal as this was where boats could come to take goods out to other docks and ports, allowing traders to sell their wares. There’s a lot going on.

2. Adelphi Mill

There’s one site in particular that you might want to stop off at, which is this impressive Victorian cotton mill. Along with sister site Clarence Mill, the buildings retain their grandeur from times gone by, as they have been kept in fantastic condition. Not only that, but inside Adelphi Mill you will find enough to keep you occupied for the whole day. Rather than being preserved as an historic building inside, it has been converted to modern retail and office spaces. This means you can shop to your heart’s content, as well as being able to enjoy a café on site, go to fitness classes, find new services that you might need, and even drop the kids off at a play area if you have any with you. You’ll be surprised at just how much this one building contains.

3. Bollington Boats and Bikes tours

The nature walk might be a brisk stroll for you to enjoy, but you can take things up to the next level with a river tour which has a bit more energy to it. Take a ride on a canal boat all the way down and back up again to see what it’s like to travel on this man-made waterway. At one time, these waters would have been like our main road – you can imagine what it would have been like if this was your main transport option! Then you can grab a bike to hit the trails again, only this time a little faster.

4. Tegg’s Nose Country Park

If you’re looking for great views, then they don’t come much better around here than the Tegg’s Nose Country Park. The winter sunshine really adds even more beauty to the natural vistas, with places to sit along the way if you’re not as fit as others. There’s also a new café on site, so If you have been before but didn’t get a chance to sample their tea and cakes, then now is definitely the time. What could be better than a cup of hot chocolate or coffee after a heartening walk to look at a gorgeous view, bundled up against the cold?

5. Adlington Hall

If you’re looking for somewhere a bit more indoors, then Adlington Hall is a great site to visit. Tea rooms, a maze, and beautiful gardens might be enough to tempt you out of the house itself, but this historic family home which has stood for over 700 years certainly has a lot to offer in itself. Take a tour of the house, but make sure to check ahead in advance as it is regularly booked out as a wedding venue. On the other hand, it also frequently plays host to bazaars, fetes, and other events that might be a bonus to your visit!

If you feel bored sitting at home this winter, get your coat on and check out one or two of the items on this list. You might find a lot more than you bargained for – perhaps even a new favourite spot to visit again later.

Rented offices near Congleton

Office space in Congleton: join one of the UK’s fastest-growing business regions

If you are looking to find office space, Congleton is one of the best options in the UK. It has an excellent location, being just a short distance away from the thriving business hub of Manchester, meaning that it has excellent transport links. You can reach the city centre in only a brief journey, as well as accessing activities and business opportunities in the more local area.

Office space at Adelphi Mill macclesfield

View available office space at Adelphi Mill

Adelphi Mill is situated close by to Congleton, so it enjoys the same kind of location benefits that you would get anywhere in this region. You can get all the positives and yet pay lower rent thanks to the specific location of the mill, even though it has access to a main motorway, train station, bus routes, and even Manchester Airport thanks to the excellent transport options nearby. The offices are also fitted out to a high standard, inside an historic Grade II listed building which has a strong presence in the surrounding countryside.

For more information about Congleton itself, you can find out what kind of amenities are around by checking out the best tourism activities as recommended by TripAdvisor users. As for the history of the town and how it came to be situated in such an important place, all of that information is available on Wikipedia. It has a busy town centre with plenty of shops and restaurants to browse, as well as a strong community of business owners.

Office space in Congleton could save you money

How much money do you need to fund your start-up? Or how about the cost of taking your business to the next level? It’s likely to be a substantial figure, which is why it’s so important to save money on your overheads. Congleton offers a fantastic opportunity to relocate to an area which provides so many big-city benefits at small-town prices.

Especially given the financial crisis of recent years, it’s important to think about ways to save on your bottom line before it ever becomes an issue or a concern. There’s no reason to put up with the shockingly high rent rates of the city centre, when you can get access to all the customers you need in an even better office but pay far less. The office space Congleton has to offer really ticks this box, and Adelphi Mill is subject to a large amount of footfall on a daily basis – just like the high street.

Office space in Congleton will offer you new opportunities

This outstanding community of businesses includes both big name chains and small traders, so you will be perfectly at home in Adelphi Mill no matter what size your company may be. The fully established scene here will allow you to make a lot of new connections, both in terms of business partnerships and a new range of clientele.

These larger businesses also give you the chance to expand your influence beyond just the local area. What if you could team up with a company that has branches in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, London, or abroad? This is the kind of opportunity that could send your business up to a new level, and really kick things off for you.

Adelphi Mill office space comes without hidden costs

There’s no strings attached when you take an office at Adelphi Mill. Everything is exactly how you see it, with the prices stated up front and no hidden costs. All of this also gets you a place in an exclusive building which has recently undergone a multi-million pound makeover – that removed none of the charm.

For office space near Congleton, there has to be only one choice: Adelphi Mill is the right fit for you.

Top 5 advantages of serviced offices

Serviced offices, also known as managed offices, have a lot of advantages when compared to the average office which doesn’t come under this bracket.

While they tend to have slightly higher rates than renting an empty office in ‘normal’ premises, the benefits that you will get far outweigh the costs – especially when you find a deal which puts the rate difference out of the equation. Here are the top five advantages you can enjoy with a serviced office.

1. More flexibility

Serviced offices tend to have shorter lease terms, which is great news for start-ups and anyone who is expecting growth. It means that you can change your mind sooner, and create a new contract with your provider instead. If you want to move to a bigger space, you can usually do so within the same premises, so you don’t have to change your business address. You can also add or remove extra space at will, whenever your contract is up for change again – and that will come around much more often than with a traditional office rental.

Office space at Adelphi Mill

View available serviced offices at Adelphi Mill Macclesfield

2. More services

When you rent an office, normally you can expect to furnish it yourself, set up the phone and internet connections yourself, set up the heating and water bills yourself, and generally just do everything to get it set up – which means downtime for your company and more work for you.

With a serviced office, however, you will find that things are much easier. The phone and internet connections as well as all bills will be set up for you by the company that owns the space, and they will be able to provide furniture for you as well. If you have your own, they will even help you to move it in. As soon as your lease starts, the space will be ready to go – and you may have access to more services too, such as on-site refreshments or entertainment.

3. More neighbours

A serviced office can be thought of a bit like a co-working space used by start-ups. There are lots of businesses all within the same building, so everyone has the chance to collaborate and work together, creating connections and networking. Moreover, the customers of one business can easily find their neighbours and become customers of them, too.

The big difference between a co-working space and a serviced office is that everything is more professional. You get your own office space, you are set up amongst other ‘real’ and established businesses, and you may even share the building with big names that would normally be seen on the high street. This can do wonders for your exposure and your connections.

4. More maintenance

A serviced office means that you get the building cleaned and maintained as part of your package. This includes the grounds as well, and car parking facilities. You know that everything will be taken care of, you don’t have to worry about paying extra for it, and you only need to focus on your own space – so there’s a lot less hassle involved.

5. More security

A serviced office will also have 24/7 security services. This means that you, your staff, your equipment, and your goods will always be safe. What more could you want than that? It also gives customers peace of mind if they come to visit you, as they know their car will be parked safely and there’s nothing to fear inside.

City Offices vs Offices Near Green Spaces

There are a lot of debates about where the best place to open an office is.

Do you set up your headquarters in a city so that you’re near to a commerce centre, and close to where your customers already shop?

Or do you find an attractive green space that will give your employees higher job satisfaction, and could make your customers happier to drop by? Here’s the lowdown on these options.

City Offices

Having an office in a city does have plenty of advantages. You are close by to a lot of other businesses, which means an increase in footfall as well as a higher level of credibility. You also may have access to more resources: if you’re based next to a print shop, for example, you could find that it’s a lot cheaper and easier to get leaflets printed advertising your next sale. In terms of finding new customers, that could be as simple as walking out onto the street and getting some attention. Your employees will also find commuting easy, since transport links are good within cities.

However, there are also downsides to a city office. If you aren’t customer-facing but rather want a headquarters that will be closed to the public, then there’s little advantage to being on the high street. Rent and rates are also a lot higher in city centres, and while this can be a sign of success and high class, it’s also a very quick way for a company to go under. Your employees may feel more stressed, tired, and unhappy with their working environment thanks to the background noise, air pollution, and travel required to get to work.

Green Space Offices

So, how about setting up an office somewhere in the countryside? There can be a lot of benefits to this option. Having beautiful scenery around can really help employees to relax more and unleash their creative side, and they may feel that they have more job satisfaction as a result. The offices out here are much more affordable, and as a result, you may even be able to opt for a larger space whilst still saving money – so your staff don’t feel cramped. Customers and clients may be impressed by your green setting, leaving them more inclined to do business with you.

On the other hand, there are, of course, some disadvantages too. It may be harder for both employees and customers to reach you, unless you live in the local area. It will be more difficult to establish a retail foothold if your office is also where you sell your products. You won’t have access to other businesses as easily, and footfall won’t be as high.

The Middle Way

What if you could take the best of both worlds and combine the benefits, without including the disadvantages, of these options? At Adelphi Mill, we have access to green spaces and areas of historic interest, including the mill itself. However, we also have great transport links that give you access to Manchester city centre, the airport, and major motorways – not to mention train and bus stations. Plus, with so many other businesses taking up tenancy with us, high footfall and collaboration with your neighbours are also on the table.


5 Reasons for Relocating Your Business to Bollington

Bollington is really starting to attract attention as a new base for business that want to expand, or to open up their first office. But what is it that is catching so many entrepreneurs’ eyes? It turns out, there are a lot of reasons to relocate to Bollington – and these are just five of them.

The prices

Any business owner knows that finances are both the first and the last word in success. If you don’t balance the books properly, you won’t survive for long. That’s why the prices of rent and business rates are so important. The great news for anyone considering Bollington is that prices here are much lower than they would be in nearby commerce centres like Manchester. Given that the distance isn’t too far, it’s impressive how much you can save.

The locale

Bollington itself is a great area with a lot of historic connections, as well as green spaces and access to a canal. It’s a great place to work and a great place to visit, which is why a lot of visitors do come here in order to shop, wander around, and enjoy the view. Your employees will be happier working here, especially if it’s less of a drive than it would be commuting somewhere like Manchester, and you’ll have a more relaxed working environment. Plus, with cleaner air, everyone will feel healthier.

The transport links

If you want to head to somewhere that you would consider more of an industry hub, there are plenty of options. You can drive, take the bus, or catch a train to Manchester city centre easily. Rail links are also good to other major cities across the Midlands and North of the UK, as well as down South to London. You can also easily go to Manchester Airport if you want to fly to meet a client or to interact with an international office.

The community

There’s a strong business community already flourishing in Bollington, thanks to the great links built here as well as the rising number of companies choosing it for their new base. This means lots of opportunities for collaboration, and higher footfall levels than you might be expecting. Particularly when you share your building with other office tenants, you can take a lot of benefits from having neighbours that include major brands and household names as well as independent brands.

The quality

While your Manchester city centre options might all be cramped and dingy offices with leaking roof tiles, you can expect far higher quality for your money when you choose to settle in or near Bollington. Good internet access, spacious offices, and high levels of maintenance are all to be expected. At Adelphi Mill we also have additional services available, like a café on-site which you can use for all of your refreshment needs, a gym and climbing wall that you can access, and even a children’s play centre. These benefits plus free parking in well-maintained grounds, 24/7 security, and smart passenger lifts alongside larger goods lifts are the kind of details that really put Bollington on the map.

If you’re looking for an office location and you are lost for where to start, it’s clear that Bollington should be high in your estimations. It’s tough to find another location which has such a great mix between the benefits of the city and the upsides of being a little further away from it all. It’s situated at the perfect distance, which is why so many people are setting up business here already.

Rented offices Nearby Pott Shrigley

Office Space to Rent & Let in Pott Shrigley

Adelphi Mill is a provider of office space near to Pott Shrigley. Offering spaces to let which can accommodate anyone from sole traders up to international corporations looking to create a new branch office, it’s a great choice for any business. Whether you want to hire an office space or a rent a warehouse, it’s all possible at Adelphi Mill in Macclesfield.

Why choose office space near Pott Shrigley?

One of the reasons to choose an office spare near Pott Shrigley is that it is ideally situated for businesses in a logistical sense. Pott Shrigley might only be a small settlement of under 300 residents, but it’s also very close to nearby business centres which are much larger. By choosing to go in this direction, you get all of the benefits of the business links without having to pay city centre prices.

Click here to view available office space near Pott Shrigley

Click here to view available office space near Pott Shrigley

It’s also a green area filled with pretty locations and historic buildings – one of which is Adelphi Mill itself, a former cotton mill with an interesting story. It also has views of rolling countryside and the Macclesfield Canal, whilst still being near to main roads, a train station, and even not too far from Manchester Airport.

As for Pott Shrigley itself, it has a lot to offer. Shrigley Hall is a Grade II listed building which was a private residence for almost 500 years, before being bought and turned into a missionary college in 1926. By 1989 it had been transformed into a luxury country club, including a golf course and restaurant – and a thriving leisure centre.

Offices near Pott Shrigley to let

Should you wish to find office space near Pott Shrigley, within an easy commuting distance, then Adelphi Mill is the best choice around. The office spaces available to let at the mill include lots of great benefits, such as free parking, security services around the clock, and the ability to come and go as you please. There’s also access to a large number of businesses who are your fellow tenants, and who may provide services that can really help you to grow – not to mention enjoy your day.

With great views, a friendly atmosphere driven by community, and a great location for business links, there’s not much better you can do than these offices in Macclesfield.

It’s obvious that a lot of other businesses are taking the area seriously, with big corporations such as the BBC moving from London to Manchester and other nearby locations. The centre of the UK’s economy is slowly moving further North, and you’ll be ideally situated to take advantage of that as it continues to grow.

Pott Shrigley office space conclusion

It’s available at a good price, it has great transport and business community links, and it’s ideally situated for both you and your customers. Not to mention the great facilities available at Adelphi Mill right where you need them. What’s stopping you from renting office space near Pott Shrigley today?

6 tips for minimising your overheads

Overheads are one of tricky factors that every business has to work with. Before you can make a profit, you have to get those overheads covered – which can be especially difficult for a start-up. Use these tips to see your overheads shrink, pushing them to the smallest point possible.

1. Stop printing

Though you may not think it costs much, printer ink and paper often end up adding up over the year and will represent a large part of your office budget. Not only that, but it’s better for the planet if you get your team to stop printing as much as possible. Tell them only to print when it is absolutely necessary. If they shouldn’t have any need, you can even sell your printing equipment so they can’t be tempted.

2. Reduce office size

If you’re paying too much for your office space, it might be because you’ve been too hasty to rent an office which is too big for your team. Make sure that you only choose the office which will fit your staff, without extra space, and go with the best possible rates. The same is true of warehouse space or even a retail unit. It’s best to find a managed office which is somewhat flexible, so you can expand again later if you need to.

View local office space

3. Recommend remote work

Could some of your employees work from home? If so, try recommending remote work. They will be able to relax more, and you won’t need as much space. They also won’t be taking up resources like electricity, coffee, and equipment within the office, so you’ll gain small amounts everywhere.

4. Go online

Do you have a retail unit as well as your office space? If so, you may be paying more than you need to. So long as you have somewhere to store your goods, you might actually make more money just by selling online. These days, having an online store is just as reputable as having a brick and mortar one, and it’s far cheaper. You only have to pay for your web address and hosting, rather than paying rent.

5. Shop local

Whenever you need something done, try to find a local business that will do it for you. For example, if you need some leaflets printed, you can talk to people around you first. Your neighbours might be willing to do you a bit of a deal in order to get your repeat business, while printers who are further afield might not think the same way. This could save you a lot of your extra costs.

6. Choose freelancers

Sometimes, you might hire someone only to find that they don’t have a lot to do all of the time. If you need a photographer, for example, they might spend a day each week taking pictures and then sit around twiddling their thumbs. If you have any kind of skilled role where it looks like you don’t really need a full-time employee, consider going for a freelancer instead. They will cost less money because you only hire them when you need them, you don’t need to pay tax or pension contributions on their ‘wages’, and you might be able to negotiate on price.

6 reasons to locate your business to Macclesfield

Macclesfield is one of the best places you could place your business in the UK right now. Think that’s an exaggeration? Be prepared to think again, as well go through the top six reasons why you need to move here as soon as possible.

1. Busy commerce region…

Macclesfield is a business hub which always has a lot going on. You will find a large number of fellow businesses here, all of whom are drawing in customers and footfall on a regular basis. This means more potential customers for you – and the same applies if you are a B2B company. An increased number of businesses in any given region means there is a larger support network, customer base, and range of opportunities available to you.

Offices to let in Macclesfield from Adelphi Mill

2…But not too busy

On the other hand, Macclesfield is not as busy as cities like nearby Manchester. Although a lot of trade does come from the city, you aren’t based right in the middle of the city centre. This is fantastic, because it means you can rent an office spare, retail store, or warehouse for a fraction of the price that you could in the Manchester city centre. You’re saving money even whilst getting access to a huge customer base granted by the city itself.

3. Good access routes

If you want to visit Macclesfield, you won’t be short of options. Customers coming from elsewhere can use Manchester airport, various train stations including one in the centre of Macclesfield, and the main roads which pass through the area. All of this means that it is easy to get access to any part of the city even if you don’t have your own transport, so customers and staff will never struggle to reach you.

4. Historic buildings

The office space at Adelphi Mill is inside a Grade II listed building, a beautiful old cotton mill which has been lovingly restored and refurbished. It now presents an impressive and stunning façade which dates back to Victorian times, as well as a fully modern interior which will provide the infrastructure and professional setting that your business needs. It’s the best of both worlds!

5. Gorgeous settings

Macclesfield is home to plenty of nature walks, including the Middlewood Way, as well as the Macclesfield Canal. All of this makes for some gorgeous scenery even if you don’t stray far from the local area. If you do go a little bit further afield, you will find yourself in the Peak District. All of this greenery can have a calming effect, helping you to settle your business in easier and enjoy your settings even when you are at work.

6. Great facilities

Having that much more room for being outside of the Manchester city centre means having more facilities. You might be amazed at what we can fit in around our office spaces and retail units. We provide a large car park with free parking for everyone, a luxury passenger lift alongside our heavy goods lift, a café and restaurant which is perfect for lunch meetings and catering, a fully equipped gym which our tenants can use for less, and all of your fellow tenants who provide a wide range of different services. There’s no chance you won’t want to use at least one or two of them in a personal capacity!

With all of this to offer, it’s easy to see why Macclesfield is a hotspot for business right now. There are so many reasons to move here, and we can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t want to. You won’t get a stronger case than that!

Brewery Print Tenant case study

Brewery Print are one of our fantastic tenants here at Adelphi Mill, and they occupy a very interesting niche that many people may not think about. They print the pump clips that you see in any pub, bar, or club on the drinks pumps – an extremely useful promotional tool for any brewery.

Who they are

Brewery Print is actually a joint collaboration between two businesses. Staffordshire Brewery and Iam Print Ltd teamed up to offer affordable promotional materials for the brewery trade, focusing on high quality and service. As trusted suppliers within their individual fields, they are able to bring that prowess to bear in a deeper way when partnered together.

Staffordshire Brewery grew from a small shed in 2002 to a 10,000 foot warehouse, producing high quality bottled beer. They bottle for a range of breweries around the UK and also supply brewing and bottling consumables to micro-breweries.

Iam Print are known for fast and high-quality turnaround on a number of printing products, from stationary to posters and brochures. They can also produce magnetic signs, banners, vinyl stickers, window decals, and even wallpaper.

What they do

While printing pump clips is a very important part of what they do, it’s not the only type of printing that Brewery Print have on offer. They also offer many different services which make up part of the promotional toolkit for any brewery or drinks brand. These include sheet labels and roll labels suitable for use on bottles, roller banners and display stands, poster printing, leaflets, and promotional calendars.

Where to find them

You can, of course, find them here at Adelphi Mill. But you don’t even need to, because they have a full website dedicated to their services through which you can upload your files for print and place your orders. You can also email them directly or give them a call via the contact details they have listed there.

It’s so easy to order from them online that you likely won’t need to contact them in person, which is always a great sign. This makes it simple for their customers to place orders and repeat them during busy times. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see their special offers and competitions.

We have such a wide and varied range of tenants at Adelphi Mill that you never know who you’ll find around the corner. This is a great example of something completely different from the norm!