7 office space search tips for 2020

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Searching for an office space has always been a tedious and time-consuming effort, and can be very confusing for those who are not experienced in looking at office spaces. There is so much you need to know – from how big a square foot is to what kinds of rates you will need to pay on top of your rent. Here are seven top tips to make your search easier in 2020.

1. Think outside the box

In this case, the box is the city centre. Do you really need to cling on to spaces in high-rent areas which don’t actually offer that much of an advantage? Move out of the city centre and you can find office spaces which still have all the benefits you’re looking for: easy access, good rates of footfall, lots of space, an attractive area, and so on.

2. Check for hidden fees

Before you sign any dotted lines, be sure to ask for a full breakdown of all the fees you will be required to pay before, during, and after your rental period. Make careful note. This will help you to avoid hidden fees – and if you do come across sudden declarations of fees you didn’t previously know about during this breakdown, think carefully. Do you really want to rent from a company that wasn’t going to tell you about these fees until you asked?

3. Look for access

Location is always important, but access is one of the most important factors of the location. Figure out how easy it is to get to your office space. Is there a main road nearby? Links with public transport such as trains and buses? If you work internationally, are you near an airport? Is there plenty of room for parking? The last thing you want is employees being late every day because they can’t get parked.

4. Be flexible

You might have the ideal office space pictured in your head. If so, try to forget it. It’s important to stay flexible and be open to what is out there. You might find that what you want isn’t possible – and you might be pleasantly surprised by what options come up instead.

5. Take a tour

It sounds obvious to us, but apparently some companies make the mistake of never touring a prospective office space before signing the lease. Go and have a look – pictures don’t always tell the whole story. They might not convey the choir that practices loudly every day at 4pm in the room next door, or that the toilet facilities haven’t been updated for fifty years.

6. Seek to impress

When you are choosing your office space, look at it not only as an employee working there but also as a visitor. Whether you have customers coming to your space, or potential partners, investors, or so on, you want to make a good impression. Does the space you are thinking about do that?

7. Widen your search

When you are looking for spaces online, it can be easier to get boxed into a certain area and find yourself stuck with only options that aren’t great. Expand your search and go wider. Outside of major cities, you would be surprised to find what great opportunities are arising.

The most important thing is that you don’t rush into choosing an office space in 2020 just because you are in a hurry or you’re tired of searching. Take the time to find a space that suits you in terms of space, location, access, and expenses – don’t overstretch your business financially.

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