6 SME tips for marketing locally

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With all the focus on marking online, it’s easy to forget that it might be more beneficial to market your business in your local area. People love to support a local company, as they feel that they are helping out a neighbour rather than shopping with a faceless corporation. Here are six ways to get the word out there!

1. Use posters and banners

You can make your presence known by a small-scale local advertising campaign, using posters and banners which you can put up at recognised points. Whether these are on billboards by the side of the road, bus stops, or just out in the street near your front door, you are bound to get a few more walk-in customers. You may be surprised at how many of them express that they did not know you were around before, even if you are in a prominent position. It really takes a nudge to get customers to take notice!

2. Sponsor a local event

Football teams, school clubs, fairs, and other local events often need sponsors in order to get off the ground. You might have to pay to get a school football kit made up, or put money in the kitty towards running an event – or you may even provide your services free of charge if they are relevant. But the exchange that you will get in terms of local exposure can be well worth it.

3. Get a stand at a local fair

Trade shows can be daunting, as it can cost thousands of pounds to get a stall – and then you are expected to decorate it and make it look professional, as well as having someone stand there all day long. Why not try a local fair instead? You will often find these popping up before Christmas and at other key times of the year. Let people purchase your items or explain your services to them, and make sure they go away with a leaflet bearing all of your details.

4. Appear in a local paper

Though they say that print is dying, local papers still get a decent readership. They often contain news about the local schools and clubs, which everyone wants to read about if they have kids or are a member. They are a good place to either pay for some advertising, or get your own recent newsworthy story written up.

5. Target locals online

Even though you want to target local people, you can still do it with online ads. When setting up your advert, make sure to specify that you only want it to be seen by people in or around your local area. This will make it a lot cheaper to run your campaign with fewer targets, and will ensure a good clickthrough rate as well!

6. Have an event day

Hold an event of your own at your place of business! Popular themes could include a family day, with games or discounts for kids; holiday-based events, such as a spooky Halloween haunted shop or having Santa over for a day; and savings events, when loyal customers can get huge discounts. Try not to clash with other events like Black Friday to get more attention to your own sales and events!

There are lots of ways to get attention in your local area, even if you just go out and talk to parents during the school run or attend a local Chamber of Commerce meeting. But these tips will get the word spread far and wide, ensuring you get a lot more attention from local customers!

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