6 quick tips for SME start-ups in 2019

Running your own business is a definite trend for 2019 and beyond, with more and more people seeing the benefits of becoming a freelancer or entrepreneur. With so many people choosing this lifestyle, however, competition is rising fast. How do you make your SME start-up stand out in this climate? Here are six quick tips to ensure that you are not just a flash in the pan.

Have a strong identity

With so many companies out there, you need to be sure that yours is the one that gets remembered. You can do this through consistency in your brand image and identity, making you instantly recognisable. Look at setting up all of your social media profiles to match, using the same colour scheme and fonts on all of your materials, having a tone of voice, and also aligning yourself to a viewpoint. Consumers now want their brands to have opinions – so don’t be afraid to weigh in on big issues.

Be mobile

More customers than ever before are now shopping online through mobile devices. This means that your website needs to be up to date and work well on mobile screens – as well as tablets and laptops. You don’t want to lose a sale because your shopping cart button is too small to press on a smartphone. You must also keep up to date with social media to bring those customers through to your site in the first place.

Get yourself Googled

If customers want something, they are more accustomed than ever before to searching for it. Especially if you provide a physical service, you must be listed on Google Maps – and even for online-based companies, it’s a good idea to get yourself on there. Google will return local businesses first when a certain area or type of company is searched, so this way you can hook more local customers and be more visible.

Look for low rents

Your overheads are a big burden to carry, so make them as low as possible. Finding the most affordable office rent will keep you in business for a lot longer, especially if you are slower to grow than you expected. Even the best-laid business plans may take time to come to fruition, so keep those costs as low as possible while you can.

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Stay on trend

What is the latest trend in your industry? If you don’t know the answer confidently, then you aren’t making any waves. Not only should you follow trends, but you should be trying to get out ahead of them. Predictions are made months in advance, and if you are known for always having the next big thing first, it will build a lot of consumer trust.

Collaborate often

One of the best ways for SMEs to grow is by working with one another. Where possible, collaborate with other businesses who share a similar customer demographic. Whether you offer discounts to one another’s customers, create shared products and services, or just advertise each other for referral bonuses, you will be in a great spot. Get involved in your local community, and people are going to remember your name. They will also start to see you as an arbiter of taste, someone whose recommendations can be trusted – and that brings a lot of selling power along with it.

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