6 facts you probably didn’t know about Bollington

Bollington has a lot to offer – even more than you might think. Even if you live here, you might not know everything that there is to know about this town. Here are 6 facts you might just be learning for the first time!

Macclesfield canal

1. It used to be a cotton spinning centre

Back during the 19th and 20th centuries, Bollington was firmly on the map as a major centre for cotton spinning. The finest cotton in the world was spun in Waterhouse Mill, though it no longer exists. It once fuelled the lace making industry from Nottingham to Brussels. Adelphi Mill was one of the mills built during this time, in 1856.

2. There’s no police

There isn’t actually a police station in Bollington, although there is a fire station. The policing in the local area is provided instead by the Cheshire Constabulary. In true British fashion, although there may be no police, there are over a dozen traditional pubs! There’s also no hospital, although there is a medical practice on the outskirts of town.

3. There’s an exclusive bowling green

There’s a big bowling green in town, but there’s another hidden green that you might not know about. This is situated in Ingersley Vale and is reserved for the exclusive use of employees from Tullis Russell Coatings. Those who used to work for the company but have now retired are also allowed to use it. The more you know!

4. There’s a local festival

You might not have spotted it yet even if you have lived here for a few years, as the Bollington Festival only comes around every five or six years. It last for 2 and a half weeks ad is a great source for community activities. One of the things that it launched was Canalside Community Radio, which later transformed into The Thread and gained a full-time license. You can now listen along on 102.8 FM if you are anywhere in the northeast Cheshire area.

5. It has famous residents

There are plenty of famous people who live or have lived in Bollington. One of them is TV’s own David Dickinson, who you may know from Bargain Hunt. There’s also Libby Clegg, a silver medallist at the Paralympics, and professional footballers James Bailey and Ben Amos, all of whom lived in Bollington for part of their lives. If you’re looking for something more intellectual, Sir James Chadwick was born here before going on to prove the existence of neutrons and win a Nobel Prize. The industry here has also spawned some greats, such as print designer Angie Lewin and John Ryle, who was known as the father of the silk industry in the United States after emigrating there.


There’s more to this town than meets the eye, and we haven’t even touched on the history of some famous landmarks here like White Nancy. The more you get to know Happy Valley, the more you find to love about it!

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