5 tips when looking for office space online

Looking for office space can be a long and arduous process. Whether you are looking for your first office, or wanting to relocate from an existing space, there is a lot of work to be done. These five tips will ensure that you get to the best listings online quicker, as well as finding an office which suits you perfectly.

View available office space online at The Adelphi Mill, Macclesfield

View available office space online at The Adelphi Mill, Macclesfield

1. Widen your search

Don’t just look in a city centre or a specific location. You will often be surprised to find much better deals in a slightly wider area, without having to give up the advantages of the location. Cities like Manchester can be so sprawling and spread out that there are great opportunities on the outskirts which would not show up in a search based on the city centre.

2. Look outside of aggregate listings

There are plenty of websites out there which aggregate listings from different real estate agents and put them all in one place. These are great, but they don’t give you the full picture.

There are often lots of opportunities which are not listed on those sites, and you can get better deals in some cases by going direct to the company that manages a serviced office. This is something to think about if you want the best price for a great office space.

3. Read the small print

Some office spaces come with a whole host of hidden fees and extras. Make sure that you read their listing and their website carefully. What is included in the price that they are quoting you? Do you have to pay extra for bills, a phone line, internet, parking at the site, and so on? Can you get in after hours? Is security provided for you?

4. Check online reviews

What are current tenants saying about the office space, or the company offering it? Make sure you see what people have to say. If the reviews are positive, you can have more confidence in this being a good office space for you. If they aren’t, you might have to think more carefully.

5. Get out of your chair

Looking online is great in terms of convenience and speed. You can put together a shortlist of office spaces in a matter of hours, even with a wide search area. But when it comes down to making your choice as to which space you should go with, you need to get out of your chair and go see them.

There are things you won’t know until you get there. Do the images reflect the reality? What’s the access like? How friendly are the staff you will see as you move through the building to your office space? Book a tour of the office so that you can answer these questions before making a final decision.


Choosing an office space is no small task, so take it seriously. Using these tips will guarantee you a better chance at getting a space that works for you.

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