5 things to see and do in Bollington this winter

1. Macclesfield Canal nature walk

If you don’t spend much time outside in the winter, you’re missing out. It might be cold, but wrap up warm in a coat and gloves and get yourself down to the Macclesfield Canal. There’s a great nature walk alongside it which not only shows you that nature really does still thrive in the winter, but also takes you past some of the great historic sites of Macclesfield. The city was built around the canal as this was where boats could come to take goods out to other docks and ports, allowing traders to sell their wares. There’s a lot going on.

2. Adelphi Mill

There’s one site in particular that you might want to stop off at, which is this impressive Victorian cotton mill. Along with sister site Clarence Mill, the buildings retain their grandeur from times gone by, as they have been kept in fantastic condition. Not only that, but inside Adelphi Mill you will find enough to keep you occupied for the whole day. Rather than being preserved as an historic building inside, it has been converted to modern retail and office spaces. This means you can shop to your heart’s content, as well as being able to enjoy a café on site, go to fitness classes, find new services that you might need, and even drop the kids off at a play area if you have any with you. You’ll be surprised at just how much this one building contains.

3. Bollington Boats and Bikes tours

The nature walk might be a brisk stroll for you to enjoy, but you can take things up to the next level with a river tour which has a bit more energy to it. Take a ride on a canal boat all the way down and back up again to see what it’s like to travel on this man-made waterway. At one time, these waters would have been like our main road – you can imagine what it would have been like if this was your main transport option! Then you can grab a bike to hit the trails again, only this time a little faster.

4. Tegg’s Nose Country Park

If you’re looking for great views, then they don’t come much better around here than the Tegg’s Nose Country Park. The winter sunshine really adds even more beauty to the natural vistas, with places to sit along the way if you’re not as fit as others. There’s also a new café on site, so If you have been before but didn’t get a chance to sample their tea and cakes, then now is definitely the time. What could be better than a cup of hot chocolate or coffee after a heartening walk to look at a gorgeous view, bundled up against the cold?

5. Adlington Hall

If you’re looking for somewhere a bit more indoors, then Adlington Hall is a great site to visit. Tea rooms, a maze, and beautiful gardens might be enough to tempt you out of the house itself, but this historic family home which has stood for over 700 years certainly has a lot to offer in itself. Take a tour of the house, but make sure to check ahead in advance as it is regularly booked out as a wedding venue. On the other hand, it also frequently plays host to bazaars, fetes, and other events that might be a bonus to your visit!

If you feel bored sitting at home this winter, get your coat on and check out one or two of the items on this list. You might find a lot more than you bargained for – perhaps even a new favourite spot to visit again later.

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