5 Reasons for Relocating Your Business to Bollington

Bollington is really starting to attract attention as a new base for business that want to expand, or to open up their first office. But what is it that is catching so many entrepreneurs’ eyes? It turns out, there are a lot of reasons to relocate to Bollington – and these are just five of them.

The prices

Any business owner knows that finances are both the first and the last word in success. If you don’t balance the books properly, you won’t survive for long. That’s why the prices of rent and business rates are so important. The great news for anyone considering Bollington is that prices here are much lower than they would be in nearby commerce centres like Manchester. Given that the distance isn’t too far, it’s impressive how much you can save.

The locale

Bollington itself is a great area with a lot of historic connections, as well as green spaces and access to a canal. It’s a great place to work and a great place to visit, which is why a lot of visitors do come here in order to shop, wander around, and enjoy the view. Your employees will be happier working here, especially if it’s less of a drive than it would be commuting somewhere like Manchester, and you’ll have a more relaxed working environment. Plus, with cleaner air, everyone will feel healthier.

The transport links

If you want to head to somewhere that you would consider more of an industry hub, there are plenty of options. You can drive, take the bus, or catch a train to Manchester city centre easily. Rail links are also good to other major cities across the Midlands and North of the UK, as well as down South to London. You can also easily go to Manchester Airport if you want to fly to meet a client or to interact with an international office.

The community

There’s a strong business community already flourishing in Bollington, thanks to the great links built here as well as the rising number of companies choosing it for their new base. This means lots of opportunities for collaboration, and higher footfall levels than you might be expecting. Particularly when you share your building with other office tenants, you can take a lot of benefits from having neighbours that include major brands and household names as well as independent brands.

The quality

While your Manchester city centre options might all be cramped and dingy offices with leaking roof tiles, you can expect far higher quality for your money when you choose to settle in or near Bollington. Good internet access, spacious offices, and high levels of maintenance are all to be expected. At Adelphi Mill we also have additional services available, like a café on-site which you can use for all of your refreshment needs, a gym and climbing wall that you can access, and even a children’s play centre. These benefits plus free parking in well-maintained grounds, 24/7 security, and smart passenger lifts alongside larger goods lifts are the kind of details that really put Bollington on the map.

If you’re looking for an office location and you are lost for where to start, it’s clear that Bollington should be high in your estimations. It’s tough to find another location which has such a great mix between the benefits of the city and the upsides of being a little further away from it all. It’s situated at the perfect distance, which is why so many people are setting up business here already.

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