4 reasons to choose Adelphi Mill for your business space in 2017

We’re looking ahead to a new year in business, and it’s sure to be a time for growth and success. If you are looking to relocate or open a new location, Adelphi Mill is definitely the place to be in 2017. Here’s all you need to know about why.

adelphi mill business space

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1. The car park has been extended

Want your customers to come to you? Or do you have staff who need to drive in every day? Either way, you can save yourself a fortune with the free car park, which holds no charge for any visitors. You can also expect more visitors than ever before, as the car park has recently been extended. That means more room to accommodate the crowds that come here on a daily basis, as the Mill is more popular than ever this year.

2. More tenants than ever

Here’s one of the reasons why it’s so busy! There are now more tenants at Adelphi Mill than ever before, which means that there is a lot going on. Your business can benefit hugely from inter-tenant trading, with more services and products at your disposal than previously. You will also find a bustling atmosphere here, as there are often customers coming and going to the other tenants around you. That gives them a chance to spot you and decide to have a look at what you offer! You can also really get involved in local trading, so there’s no need to spend as much time advertising. Having heavy footfall past your unit will be an advertisement in itself!

3. Fully refurbished offices available

Most businesses wouldn’t like to take on a second-hand, worn out old office. Which is fine, because you won’t find those at Adelphi Mill! There are a range of new and fully refurbished offices available, which means that they are waiting for your business to christen them. The refurbished offices have everything you will need to get started, and are ready and waiting for new tenants to move into them.

4. Fantastic location

Alright, so this one isn’t new for 2017 – it’s always been the case! But the fantastic location in which Adelphi Mill is situated can’t be ignored. There is great history in this Grade II listed cotton mill, which sits on the side of the canal in a thriving village. With close business links to Manchester and Stockport, you can’t go wrong.

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