4 historic landmarks to visit near Macclesfield

If you are spending time near Macclesfield, there’s nothing better than taking a Saturday or Sunday out to explore the local area and discover some history. There are some great historic landmarks in the local area, all of which have their own stories to tell. Try visiting these local points of interest and make a fun day of it!

1. Capesthorne Hall

This National Trust hall is huge and very impressive from the moment you spot it in the distance. It has a lovely layout of gardens to explore and a café offering refreshments, as well as the National Trust shop. You can take a guided tour around the house and grounds, but there is also information provided around the hall for free. It’s a country house in a very well-kept estate and is often spruced up with seasonal decorations when it is called for. They also hold special events such as craft fairs, so you can time your visit to line up with a bit of an extra attraction.

2. Adlington Hall

Rather than being one hall, this venue is actually a collection of buildings that have been added to over the ages. There are medieval, Georgian, and Tudor elements to explore, all of them maintained in excellent condition and with guided tours available. It’s worth a long few hours wandering around and discovering the history of this wonderful family pile. The grounds include a maze which is a great place to get lost, and there is also a Tudor tea room for refreshments. It’s a firm favourite for weddings thanks to the different elements of the construction.

3. Grade 2 Cotton Mills


Adelphi Mill

Bollington was known for producing the finest cotton in the world, and though many of the fine mills here were torn down, some fantastic examples still exist. These include Adelphi Mill and Clarence Mill, two sister grade 2 listed cotton mills.

The historic buildings still stand today in full detail, although the milling equipment has long since been removed. The sheer scale of the mills and their impressive facades are certainly an interesting sight, especially for anyone interested in 19th and 20th century history, as they date back to the 1800s.

4. Barracks Square

Although it has now been converted to private housing, the exterior of Barracks Square has been left untouched. Most of the original features are still in place, including the drill square where manoeuvres would have been performed. It’s a majestic site which really tells the tale of the area, and it’s in a somewhat unexpected location – right in the middle of a residential area. This is a great place to come to explore the barracks of the 1800s and imagine how life would have been back then.


There’s much more near Macclesfield to explore, so don’t feel that you are limited to these 4 locations! While they are most highly rated with visitors, there’s lots more to see and do as well thanks to the rich history of the area.


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