Industrial Units Macclesfield

If you are looking for industrial units in Macclesfield, you can find them at Adelphi Mill. You can also rent retail and office units within the historic building in Bollington, which was first built as a Victorian cotton mill. One multi-million pound renovation later, and these beautiful premises have been brought right into the 21st century! With modern office units, large industrial spaces, and more at competitive prices, you can’t go wrong by basing your business here.

Best local prices

If you want to rent an industrial unit anywhere near Manchester, you won’t find better prices than this.

Adelphi Mill - industrial units macclesfield

Adelphi Mill – Industrial units Macclesfield

Many businesses either start up in this city or relocate here to have access to the thriving business scene. With plenty of customers right on your doorstep, you will be pleased to know that Adelphi Mill still maintains competitive prices. The Bollington units are perfectly placed, close to Manchester airport as well as major roads and railway stations, meaning your customers will find you easily. It’s also close to Stockport town centre for added customer footfall! All this at the best prices on the market makes an industrial unit here a real steal.

It’s only 25 minutes away from Stockport centre, and just 16 miles from central Manchester, and you can easily pop up the motorway to transport goods or meet clients. If you need to hire staff, you will also find them in ready supply as the commute to work will be an easy one.

A thriving community

Some of the tenants at Adelphi Mill have been there for 20 years, so you can definitely see that this is a place you will want to be! The current owners have been in charge for over 10 years, and during that time have made a lot of exciting new improvements. The 95% occupancy rate means that you will be in good company when you join the thriving community of offices and industrial units. Who knows – some of the other tenants may even become your first customers!

The tenants cover a wide range of businesses, from printers to web design experts and gyms. The local community and these businesses have strong ties, with many people from the local area coming to Adelphi Mill weekly for classes or meetings. This means you have plenty of opportunities to spread the word about your business, as well as potentially working out discounted products and services from your neighbours. This could give your business just the boost that it needs.

Services and amenities included

While other industrial units might come with hidden costs, there are none of those at Adelphi Mill. Each unit comes equipped with all of the amenities you require at the cost quoted to you, and plenty of the services are included totally for free. This includes free parking for you, your staff members, and your clients, which can save you a lot of money on a daily basis. There is also a kitchen and toilets which you will be able to access, as well as a number of other amenities and full 24-hour security on the premises.

You could also say that the area itself is an added bonus. While on one side you may have the busy commerce centre of Manchester, on the other is beautiful rolling countryside. This feels much more refreshing than a unit in the city, and will offer plenty of benefits to you and your staff. It’s the perfect place to grow a business with the chance to expand as and when your success calls for it. There’s no better industrial units around than Adelphi Mill!

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