4 benefits to using an open plan office

When choosing how to set up your office, there are generally two options. You can either have a space where everyone sits together without walls; or you can have sections divided into individual office spaces. Using an open plan office could certainly be the best option for you. Here are 4 of the top benefits you will experience if you go down this route.

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1. More conversation

When everyone is sitting together, it’s much easier to make conversation. You don’t have to go into another room just to say a few words – you can talk to each other over the tops of your monitors without even getting up. How is this a benefit? Because conversation is often the way we work through problems to find the best solutions, and it’s also important for a smoothly running business. The more you and your employees can chat, the more ideas you will come up with. You will also be able to keep each other abreast of developments with clients or in each of your own departments. No one feels left out, because everyone hears the news at the same time. It’s also a lot more fun to be able to chat whenever you feel like it, which is important for keeping everyone’s job satisfaction levels high.

2. More space

You might not realise it, but walls take up a lot of space. You also need lots of empty space within those walls – for example, a desk can’t be flush with a wall on more than one side or it becomes difficult to use. Having walls in place in your office can reduce the amount of space massively. When you take them out of the equation, you don’t just gain back the space that they took up, but more besides. This will be a very important factor when you are a start-up with a limited budget. Can you really afford to take on a larger office space just so that everyone can have their own individual room? It’s not likely that this will be the best route to go when you are banking on making that first profit in order to make the business work. It’s also better for health and satisfaction when spaces are more open. A desk in an open-plan room can feel roomier than the same desk in a closed-off small space.

3. Better productivity

Having everyone working together in the same room can hugely increase your productivity. Let’s demonstrate this with an example of a working environment. Jane is your graphic designer, and she has to create adverts from Tom’s PR specifications. Then these must all be checked by Luke, your marketing manager, and scheduled to run by Tom. In a closed office, Tom must email his specifications to Jane, who has to walk into his office and discuss everything she doesn’t understand. Then she has to carry the printed design to Luke’s office and wait for him to sign it off before heading back and emailing the design to Tom. Now consider an open plan office. Jane simply asks Tom a few questions while still sitting at her desk and can act on his answers immediately. Luke is a short walk away, not all the way through another door. He can let Tom know immediately that the advert is going ahead. It’s so much quicker, and this will bring your productivity levels soaring.

4. More transparency

If you are the manager or boss of the office, then you need to keep an eye on things to be sure that they are running smoothly. In an open plan office, you can see and hear everything. It’s less likely that employees are going to be goofing off or hiding their mistakes under your watchful eye. They won’t get away with wasting time or having an unproductive day. You will have more transparency about everything that goes on in the business, and this makes for a company that runs more efficiently. It also means being able to head off each crisis the moment that it arises.

With an open plan office, you and your team can work harder, faster, and smarter. The results will speak for themselves.

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